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Humble Homes

A step towards improving quality of life from it's foundations

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A step towards improving quality of life from it's foundations

About the project

As an artist, carpenter and architect the world is a beautiful place, filled with structures both natural and man-made. Having spent 15 years studying structures of various types one cannot help but be in awe at natural splendor and shake ones head at our current antiquated and misguided building techniques.

My Aim: to produce sustainably homes which encompass the comfort of modern life in a future friendly fashion, using time tested materials in novel ways to create an inviting and inspiring home.

I've designed these buildings based initially on sustainablity but whilst doing my research found a much larger problem, building regulations, that is why i've designed the humble home to be a "temporary building", a building able to be moved easily.
the way i have managed this is by making it modular, meaning that not only can parts be easily replaced, the whole structure can be easliy re-placed and also, the initial design can be a hands on experience with little to no unique parts....but like words which use the 27 character alphabet, there are endless amounts of variations.

The price of one of these homes will start at around 5000 upto 15000, based on size and integrated facilities.



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