Human Rights_Litigant_Against_EPAM_SYSTEMS_GMBH

by Kalyani Patel in Hayes, England, United Kingdom

Human Rights_Litigant_Against_EPAM_SYSTEMS_GMBH
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To bring to task the wrong doer, Mr Roger GEISSMANN who abused his power and privileges at EPAM SYSTEMS / EPAM SYSTEMS GMBH

by Kalyani Patel in Hayes, England, United Kingdom

The HR SPECIALIST as he was introduced to me when he was supposed to Telephone interview me.

I had already been selected as a very good match and "fit for the post" of 2nd Level IT Support Engineer

I passed all previous screenings and rounds of interviews and then was at the last stage of HR Telephone interview with Mr Roger GEISSMANN.

He already had prejudice against me and pre-meditated attitude against me, despite his colleagues already passed  me for the role.

He wrote secret lies about me without revealing to me during the shortened 5minutes interview and I only found this out when I requested subject data access.

Despite raising my concerns to EPAM SYSTEMS in August of 2019, the company failed to investigate Mr Roger GEISSMANN and they joined him in the bias and prejudice against me.

I was deprived of a very good job and career with the project. Malicious slanderous comments were written and shared about  me, which I only became aware of because I requested subject data access from them which I got partial data sent to me in end of OCT 2019 / Nov 2019

I wish to hold them to account

I have already spent considerable amount in legal costs and have to bring this man and the company to task on their behaviours and lack of ethics.

I will use the funds to

1) Legally fight the case and expose Roger GEISSMANN and EPAM SYSTEMS/ EPAM SYSTEMS GMBH

2) Will write and publish a book about how to deal with these kinds of abusive companies and get justice

3)Will use the law to expose this man to the HR world publications and IT Publications & authorities

A) Libel claim

B) Employment Claim - appeal and ongoing matters to get justice


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£5 in your name to help feed the poor in INDIA

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