Sign an ad to Mr Gove: save the Human Rights Act

Publicly show Michael Gove that you don’t want to lose your human rights – fund and sign an advert to save the HRA in The Times

We did it!

On 26th May 2015 we successfully raised £28,119 of £10,000 target with 2031 supporters in 7 days

New stretch target

Our final push

We are overwhelmed by the support for this project. We’ve now been offered a double page spread in the Telegraph instead of the single page we set out to crowdfund on Wednesday.

It’s an amazing deal and would amplify our message to save the Human Rights Act exactly where we want it – but it costs a bit more.

It’s our last push, and we need to raise £32,000 in pledges.

If you haven’t already pledged, please do! Whatever you are able to afford.

We know there are many people who would love to pledge but haven’t yet. Please tell them about our project! Share our people-powered ad on Facebook and Twitter

Together we can send a louder, stronger message – backed by even more people – to Michael Gove that he must save the Human Rights Act.



Thanks to you, we'll place a people-funded advert calling on Michael Gove to save the Human Rights Act in The Times on Tuesday.

Let's take our message to save the Human Rights Act out further and wider: pledge to support an ad in The Daily Telegraph

The crowdfunded Times ad is officially the fastest project EVER to reach 1,000 backers on this website - showing the sheer number of people who really want to keep the Human Rights Act, and who are willing to pledge their support and put their name to it.

Your support means a lot when we face the biggest potential rollback of human rights the UK has ever seen. Thank you. Please keep pledging.

Project aim

Publicly show Justice Secretary Michael Gove that you don’t want to lose your human rights – fund & sign an ad to save the HRA in The Times

About the project

At Amnesty International, we strongly believe that universal human rights are worth fighting for. Right now, we’re facing the biggest potential rollback of human rights the UK has ever seen. Help fund our advert and show Justice Secretary Michael Gove that we care about our human rights and don’t want them taken away.

What's at risk?

The new UK government has pledged to scrap the Human Rights Act. The Act ensures dignity and respect for all of us and protects everyone, particularly the most vulnerable in our society. Losing the Act would not just be a huge blow for us in the UK, but to everyone still fighting for these rights around the world.

It looks like the government will formalise its intent to scrap the Human Rights Act in the Queen’s Speech next Wednesday (27 May). We have just days to convince Justice Secretary Michael Gove that all over the UK, we’re passionate about human rights and want the Act to stay.

Send a strong message to Michael Gove, via The Times

Next Tuesday, the day before the announcement, we want to place a people-powered double page advert in The Times newspaper calling on Michael Gove to save the Human Rights Act - signed by people who want to save it.

The Times is an influential newspaper - which Michael Gove used to write for. And Michael Gove has the power to save the Act.

We need your help to fund the advert and to speak up for human rights in the UK. We want Michael Gove to know that it’s not just Amnesty calling on him to Save the Act – it’s all of us.

We need your help

We need to reach £10,000 to get the advert in the paper. We’ll clearly print the names of all those who pledge to fund our advert – although if you don’t want your name in print, you’re welcome to pledge anonymously.

Want to pledge more than a tenner? Please do. We’re counting on you to speak up, and show Michael Gove that public opinion is on the side of the Human Rights Act and human rights for all in the UK.

If you want your name to be displayed in the advert, please make sure you give your full name when you pledge, and don't opt to check out anonymously.

It'll look something like this...

Why do we need the Human Rights Act?

Ordinary people across the world are still fighting for the rights we enjoy in the UK. From helping victims of domestic abuse, to protecting confidential communications between lawyers and their clients – the Human Rights Act helps us to fight injustice and incompetence in the UK and hold those in power to account.It’s been used by rape survivors whose experiences haven’t been properly investigated by the police and disabled people whose right to dignity has been violated.We must not let politicians take away these universal rights at the stroke of a pen.


A bit more about some of the goodies we're offering in those pledges down the right-hand side of your screen.

£15 - Human Rights Act badges and stickers

As a thank you for pledging a little more, we'll send you the two badges pictured plus a sheet of stickers so you can publicly show your love for human rights and the HRA.

Wear them with pride!




£15 - 'Know your rights' illustrated booklet

As a thank you for pledging a little more, we'll send you a booklet of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, illustrated with 14 beautiful drawings and cartoons depicting some of our most fundamental human rights.

Illustrations courtesy of people like David Shrigley and Steven Appleby, with a foreword from novelist AL Kennedy. Produced with Waterstones bookshop.


£30 - Blue t-shirt: 'Fighting bad guys since 1961'

Cheesy but it's true! At Amnesty International we've been telling the world about human rights abuses and campaigning for a stop to them wherever they happen - since 1961.

The t-shirt is fairtrade and organic and comes in both men's and women's styles and sizes (S, M, L).The women's tee is in a flattering slouch style and is made from a unique cotton and lycocell fibre blend that makes an amazingly soft fabric; 50% organic cotton and 50% Tencel. The men's version is made from 100% organic cotton.

£45 - Black hoodie with a white Amnesty candle

Unisex black hooded sweatshirt with a white Amnesty candle printed on the front.

The hoodie is ethically sourced and fairtrade, and a cosy way to show your support for Amnesty.

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