IT Lab for the Visually Impaired in Gaza

To setup an IT lab in Gaza with state of the art computer technology which allows the visually impaired to see through sound.

We did it!

On 5th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £9,240 with 107 supporters in 28 days

Giving "sight" to anyone is something which is special. Its difficult to imagine how the world is when you are visually impaired.  There are thousands of visually impaired in Gaza with limited resources in the poorest areas. 



To setup an IT lab in Gaza in  partnership with the Al Quds Open University with state of the art computer technology which allows visually impaired students to "see" using sound and touch, opening up the whole world of IT and the internet to them. 

Ramadan is a time for giving to others who are in need and remembering what we have and thinking of others and many in Gaza will be fasting during this month.  Your kindness will allow these students a doorway to a new horizon  

The blind and visually impaired can be a forgotten group in society and more so in developing countries such as Palestine. Educational opportunities for them are scarce and they can be significantly behind technologically. This further hinders their role in the workplace and there is widespread bias and a lack of understanding of their capabilities. These factors result in a marginalized, dependent group  who are often hidden from the rest of society.

Humanity First International is a UK registered Non Profit Organisation which has over the last 20 years carried out sustainable projects all over the world for those in need by empowering them to progress in their lives.

Humanity First have partnered with the Al Quds Open University to base the IT lab  in the heart of Gaza. The lab will provide a doorway to the world using sound and touch. The videos below describe how this equipment can help to provide a pathway for education and technology for those who are visually impaired. 


With your help we aim to provide the following equipment

  •  Braille Sense 

  • A Index Braille Printer 



  • Windows Eyes Software 


The proposal would look to serve approximately 500 beneficiaries from students and the local community, where it would also serve as a networking and support centre for the visually impaired.

 Thank you for your support





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