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'Human' is a 10 minute experimental film which investigates the philosophical topic of 'what makes us human'.

by Lydia in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Hello my name is Lydia and welcome to my crowd funder! I am glad that this page has reached you and I would be very thankful if you had a moment to give my project a quick read.

I'm a student studying film at Falmouth university in Cornwall and this is my final degree project, Human.

This crowd funder is to help generate some funds in order to make this film possible. Any help given will go towards travel and accommodation costs for shoots, as well as the processing of Super 8 film and other equipment.

Human is a 10 minute experimental film which uses poetic and self-explorative modes of filmmaking to investigate the philosophical topic of what makes us human.

Inspired by a life-long interest in human behaviour: our similarities, our differences, our habits and our feelings, Human explores themes of human experience and existence in an observational and self-reflective space.

Because ‘humanity’ is such a broad topic, I have decided to split my film into three-acts in order to explore different elements of what makes us human. 

The first act depicts my observation of humanity. This is a slow-paced act where a still front-facing camera shall depict the hustle and bustle of day to day life in Berlin. It was particularly important for me to film this act in Berlin because it was where I first had inspiration for this film idea. From its tall buildings and vast landscapes, to its hub of unique, diverse and interesting people, I had never felt more enchanted while watching human behaviour than I did in Berlin. 

The second act of the film focuses more on my own life experiences and values. What makes me human? What do I feel gives my life meaning and purpose? Here I shall explore themes such as, love, family, happiness, memory, nature and sex. To reinforce the intimate nature of these topics, I shall be using a handheld Super 8 camera to create an warm and nostalgic tone.

The third act is currently an open-ended experiment. 

I feel that this film is an investigation, and during the process of filming I will further develop my opinions on what makes us human. This act will be an accumulation of my findings. It could delve into the subject of dreams - dreams playing a key role in processing human experience. Or perhaps the theme of memory, exploring the human desire of constantly documenting life experiences and the pleasure in looking back on them.  

I am planning to present Humans as an installation, with the three acts shown on three separate screens - playing simultaneously on a loop. 

Each act of my film is different I think it would be beneficial for the viewer to process each act separately. This would also diminish the idea of the film having a beginning, middle, and an end, instead highlighting it as a self-reflective installation experience.

Although Human is a relatively low budget project, I will need help with funding the following in order to make this film happen:  

- The shoot for the first act of the film takes place in Berlin, so this will be the main bulk of the costs. Any money donated will go towards flights, accommodation, and living costs.

- In the sectioned act of the film, I am using Super 8 camera to convey the more intimate aspects of humanity. Super 8 film will offer a warmer and more immersive texture to this section, opposed to a modern digital camera. Money donated will go to the price of a Super 8 camera and the processing of the film.

I am excited to explore how humans behave, to investigate the similar behavioural patterns we all share. I am interested to discover something about myself, what my true values are in life. I want to discover what is truly important to my existence, in a world where you get caught up in various responsibilities and expectations.

Thank your time and for expressing an interest in my project :)

Lydia x 

Below are some examples of the gifts I am offering to those donating: 

- family photo collage gifted with a £50 donation:

- pine cone ornament gifted as part of a £30 or more donation: 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Thank You Card and Link To Film

You will receive a personalised thank you card via email as well as a link to the final film on vimeo upon completion.

£10 or more

Philosophical Quote Card

You will receive all the above as well as a personalised decorative card with a philosophical quote about human existence.

£20 or more

Philosophical Quote Card X3

You will receive all the above as well as two extra philosophical quote cards to give to family or a friend.

£30 or more

Hand-made Decorative Pine Cone

You will receive the above, one philosophical quote card, and a hand-made decorative pine cone with miniature figurines - an example of this is featured in the project description.

£40 or more

All of the Above with 2 Decorative Pine Cones

All of the above as well as an extra decorative pine cone to gift to family or a friend.

£50 or more

Personalised Family Photo Collage

You will receive all of the above, one philosophical quote card, one decorative pine cone, and a custom made collage of your family photos. Send me any images you would like to be collaged (via email) and I will send you a digital copy - see example in project description.

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