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Help get Bristol's most local Greengrocer off the ground, sourcing predominantly produce grown within a 15 mile radius direct from suppliers

We did it!

On 29th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £5,475 of £4,500 target with 102 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

The extra £1,500 will be used to work on the basic website that has been set up to allow for further information to be inputted such as recipes and new produce inshore. 

It will also be used to get more chefs and food influencers through the door at Hugo's so we can put on some even more exciting evenings!

Running Christmas trees as rewards now too, please scroll to the bottom the page.


A Greengrocers opening in the heart of Bristol supplying fresh fruit and vegetables almost entirely from a 15-mile Radius, the most local greengrocer in Bristol



 A young man with his first business ahead of him and a strong passion for fantastic, fresh food. Hugo’s first job was working for a greengrocers based in the middle of Bristol on Saturday mornings and summer holidays for the early teenage years of his life. This instilled a love for selling and talking about produce as well as being out and about in Clifton Village taking deliveries. 

12 years later and after 6 years in London Hugo decided it was time to pursue his dream of opening up his own fruit and veg shop, so returned to Bristol to begin saving capital with the idea of moving back to London after 9 months. But only 5 months passed before he realised that Bristol was his home and strong links to exceptional farms, skilled friends and Family.


 Bristol is regularly voted as the best place to live in the UK, and there's no wonder why. A booming city rich in culture, new and old, beautiful architecture and a wide array of fantastic and unique areas, each offering something different and exciting. On top of all this Bristol has a stunning greenbelt encircling the city, with some exceptional growers only a very short drive from the centre. Therefore its easy to make regular visits to all the suppliers around Bristol, keeping a low carbon footprint and ensuring fresh produce. 

What brings all of these fantastic qualities together is the Bristolians. People who are happy to support and try new things with enthusiasm, energy and care towards their fellow townsfolk, without this shops centred around locality would not be able to prosper. 


 Hugo’s aims to keep locality and quality at its centre, not margins and prices. The shop will use 6 key suppliers, so we will always clearly display the supply chain from the soil and grower to how it has ended up in the tray the customer is considering. This transparency allows our shopper complete trust in the fact that what they are eating is from a sustainable source, local and either organic or non-organic. 

The premises will be located at 73 North Street in Bedminster. 

In addition to trust in the produce, Hugo’s local aims to serve a variety of healthy extras, such as coffee roasted Bristol, Fresh Pasta made less than 200 metres away and great pro-biotic products like Kefir and other exciting items.

A large part of Hugos will be putting on monthly evenings with local food influencers, chefs and passionate people, ultimately this is about getting people better informed on whats out there and getting people buzzed of whats on offer in Bristol!


Supporting locally is now as important than ever. As we leave the EU, tariffs put in place to support farmers to ensure a solid income could be dropped, therefore putting them at risk of decreased income, so they need all the support they can get.

It's important we know where our food it's coming from, how many miles it has travelled and whether it's as fresh as it could be; by knowing its locality, we reduce our carbon footprint massively, instead of eating produce that may have been shipped or flown, then driven and manhandled multiple times. 

Luckily a lot of Hugo’s suppliers grow organically, which creates produce that is better for our health, as well as the climate, soil and our local environment. Whilst growing organically growers may be encouraged to grow more interesting varieties, due to no added help from pesticides and hormones which allow growing out of season. This can encourage a more varied and interesting menu at home.

One of the most important philosophies we believe in is supporting our local economy; with the produce coming directly from farm to shop, it means there are no middle-men within our supply chain and can, therefore, provide farmers with a stronger income and our customers with better prices.


The money raised by crowd funder will come at the end of the fundraising phase, with most of the capital already personally raised by Hugo himself. This will go to the opening stock, therefore your money will be going directly to the farmers themselves. This is the most important section of the capital as this will fund the future growth of the business.

Thank you so much for your time and please pledge to make this dream a reality. 

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