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Welcome to the world of Hugly & Friends

by moreoutdoor in London


Hugly & Friends

As mentioned in our short film we are looking to raise £8000 to self-publish our first Hugly interactive book. The book will have a packet of seeds attached to the front cover to encourage children to learn about growing, this food then forms part of the story and at the back of the book is a recipe containing the featured ingredient along with playful instructions how to grow the seeds provided. However Hugly and friends is far more than just a book!!!

We are aiming to exceed our target as this will then enable us to develop Hugly’s world in more detail, offering exciting grow kits, outdoor games and interactive apps that use real outdoor experiences and much, much more.


Meet The Gang

Hugly has lots of friends! They all have different ways of helping him in his adventures ?


A Little Teaser..

"It was a warm and fuzzy morning when Hugly opened his eyes to beautiful rays of sunlight twinkling through his treehouse. He could hear his best friends the BB’s buzzing away outside and smell all the wildflowers rising from the forest floor below. There was also smell sprouts wafting up from inside his sleeping bag…but it definitely wasn’t sprouts. 

Hugly sometimes got things muddled up and he was sure there was something happening today but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. After a stretch and a yawn he decided it was time to get up so jumped out of his hammock and swung from his treehouse shouting hurrah!!! 

Hugly then took a shower under the waterfall and began walking to the vegetable patch. ‘Good morning’, he said to the birds in the trees. ‘Good squawking’, they replied. ‘Good morning’, he said to the insects in the grass. ‘Good crawling’, they replied. ‘Good morning’, he said to the sleepy hedgehog in the bush. ‘Good Yawning’, she replied. ‘That’s funny’, he thought, as he hadn’t washed his ears out properly. 

As Hugly walked towards the bridge and over the stream, he would imagine that crocodiles lived under the bridge. He liked to pretend that if he stepped on the cracks his feet would dangle over the water and the crocodiles could snap at his toes. Hugly liked pretending so much that he jumped over every crack on the path all the way to the vegetable patch. 

When he arrived at his vegetable patch the gate was already open, something looked strange, something was not quite right and as he rubbed his eyes he noticed….. 

WHAT THE PICKLE!!!...............’’


About Us 

Ian Hamilton 

Having worked in the construction industry for over 20yrs as a Commercial Manager, Ian has developed an understanding of what it takes to a get a project over the line. Self driven, motivated and with an inability to sit still. Ian is a keen photographer, football coach, father of 2 boys and is always looking for his next adventure.

Sam Frith

Sam has worked as a creative designer and director for over 15 years. In 2005 he set up an Arts program in Japan sponsored by Daler Rowney Paints. This program offered workshops to help children express themselves collectively through group activities. Sam now lives and works in London as a creative director within the architectural and design industry working on an array of bespoke projects.

Wayne Chisnall 

Wayne started off as a technical illustrator for a Japanese magazine before moving on to Northampton University to study sculpture. Wayne has since become a successful artist and has exhibited in some of London’s most well known galleries. Wayne currently works at the V&A museum in London and is the illustrator for Hugly and friends.


Gemma Appleton

Gemma is a freelance writer and film maker, with a BA in Fine Art from Norwich School of Art and Design. Telling stories is her passion, whether written or visually expressed in film. Gemma has lived in Europe, the US, and Asia and currently works for Jamie Oliver in London editing his short videos and writing for his online content.



In return for your support and donations we will be offering rewards which are set based upon the amount you pledge, these can been found at the side of our page.



We hope that you can relate to our project and will want to be part of this journey. Please help us to bring Hugly to life so we can create a platform that offers inclusive family orientated activities with a focus on the outdoors, understanding food, and generally listening to children laughing and having fun.

For us this is about MORE OUTDOOR !


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

We will credit your name in the back of our first book. Thank you for believing in Hugly!

£15 or more

£15 Reward

We will send you a copy of the 1st book.

£25 or more

£25 Reward

We will send you a Hugly T-shirt

£50 or more

£50 Reward

We will send you an invitation for one person to our launch party at River Cottage Date TBC

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Reward

We will create a character based on you and will introduce you into a story at a later date.

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