Sport Relief


Take on the challenge!

In support of this year's Sport Relief, we nominate you and your colleagues to take part in our Office Olympics challenge

How it works

It's simple. Set up your fundraiser in aid of Sport Relief

You've set the challenge, now it's over to your colleagues to donate and leave a comment letting you know how far they will push you. Will they ask you to do 30 star jumps, or maybe 180? Who knows, set up a fundraiser to find out. 

Every £ donated is another activity in the office with all proceeds going to Sport Relief. 

Don't forget, if you want to, you can update your fundraiser with videos showing your crowd the pain they are inflicting for a good cause. 

Get creative with your challenge, it doesn't have to be star jumps ...

Their donation, their choice, your pain.

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What are you waiting for?

Start your #OfficeOlympic fundraiser for Sport Relief

People fundraising for Sport Relief