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To raise £15,000 to help with the upgrade of the Play Park for the kiddies of the Parish who currently have nowhere to play.

                             MAKE MARLDON MARVELLOUS   

      Priority Project TORFIELD KIDDIES PLAY PARK for ages 0 yrs to 12 yrs


We are Marldon Parish Council and we are privileged to be the caretakers of the most delightful Parish of Marldon and Compton nestling in a semi-rural area of Devon. Unfortunately, the Parish Council has never had the funds to maintain or improve some of the facilities within the Parish and now the Kiddies Play Park has been closed as most of the equipment is dated and dangerous. We have a duty to provide a safe and happy environment for the children of the Parish to play, to give them good happy memories of their childhood, not memories of ancient, inaccessible pieces of equipment, now not fit for purpose and the Play Park currently closed because of health and safety concerns.

                         We have to make the dream become reality.  

The Children of Marldon & Compton have nowhere to play, their Parents, their Grandparents, their carers have nowhere to take them - it is so disappointing, and we must change this and change this quickly. Furthermore, the Play Park has never been accessible for the disabled or those with prams and pushchairs, the new designs address that by incorporating the Yellow Brick Road, a pathway around the whole of the Park with junctions at each new area of equipment, with Play and Learning Boards along the way for everyone to access and interact with. 

The Pre-school used the Play Park on the days they were unable to use the Village Hall, they cannot do so now and spend those days walking around the Village.  We spoke to the Play School and the Primary school and from those discussions we were able to put together a specification for potential Play Park contractors to come and survey the site and put together designs and quotes - then COVID 19 hit and everything was put on hold. The Play Park has now been closed for 8 months - we must get things moving before winter weather sets in preventing works being carried out until the Spring, which would mean the Park would be closed for over 12 months.  

We need help and quickly to regenerate the Play Park at Torfield as quickly as possible from this:


                               something spectacular!

Parents and Grandparents have nowhere to take their little ones for a treat when they come and visit. Those lucky enough to have transport have to travel to the nearest Parks some 3 to 5 miles away in smaller Villages with facilities which put Marldon to shame..

                   'Our Parish children are the future of this Community'

The Parish is home to over 1900 residents - not to have a Play Park for the kiddies (ages 0 yrs to 12 yrs) in a Parish of that size is embarrassing. We need to be able to provide them with happy memories of their childhood in their home Parish.

We want to provide them with excellent play and learning facilities - our winning Contract is Plan 3.

The cost is between £80,000 and £120,000. We do have access to some s106 funds - these are funds donated to the Parish by the Developers of a new Housing Estate, however, those funds are for the whole Parish and not just the Parish Council, so we need to raise additional funds to be able to provide a safe and accessible Play Park for the children of the Parish.

We needed to start this project by the end of September but now we are looking at mid to late October. Our Contractor has offered to start work then so long as we can provide the first down payment to create professionally prepared surfaces and the access path around the whole Play Park so those in wheelchairs and pushchairs can access the area which they are currently unable to do - the path will be a graduated path so there is no steep climb. Our dream of a Yellow Brick Road is too costly.

If we manage to raise the funds required, it will mean so much to the Parish, its children and the rest of the Community. Some of the parents have lived in the Village all their lives and say that much of the equipment is the same as when they were children, they are now in their 30s - we so very much hope that we can achieve the funds required through a concerted joint effort, fundraising events, sponsorship and donations and of course, a portion of the s106 funds and applications to grant funders, which is limited for Parish Councils.

  • We have put together a Fundraising Campaign to make that happen, and one of our Councillors, Cllr. Frank Palk who has been on the Parish Council for many years and is actually the oldest Councillor in the South Hams (an area of Devon), has kick-started the Campaign by donating a £100 Cheque. (Cllr. Palk is not familiar with the internet)  Cllr. Palk said 'the children of the Village are the future of this Community, we must, absolutely must, ensure they are provided with the facilities they need and deserve'. Cllr. Palk is 93 yrs old and still farms the land he has lived on for over 70 plus years.
  • We hope above hope that you good people can help us achieve not only the dream, but the reality of a real facility for our children to play safely and happily in and providing them not only with play and learning, but happy memories of their childhood.

  • Our children deserve better than they have had so far and we, as the Parish Council must do everything we can to make that happen. We must -
                                        Make Marldon Marvellous !

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