Emancipation Remembrance Day UK

by Elizabeth Flanders in London, England, United Kingdom

Emancipation Remembrance Day UK


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A FREE community celebration where all will be welcome. We are bringing this tradition to the UK and need your help to make that happen.

by Elizabeth Flanders in London, England, United Kingdom


Emancipation Remembrance Day UK aims to establish a tradition of remembrance and celebration that will allow us to learn about our past and raise awareness of Black History and Heritage (customs, tradition and legacy); through talks, displays and discussion informing the current and future generations, so that history will not be repeated. We aim to grow and elevate the Black community worldwide through a shared knowledge of self-worth.

The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 ended slavery in the British Empire on August 1, 1834. Emancipation Day is widely observed in the British West Indies during the first week of August. We are bringing this tradition to the UK.

 This is a FREE event and will provide something for everyone!



2022 marks 188 years since Emancipation; as with other UK communities / cultures the Caribbean community currently does not have a national event that highlight our achievements, advancement and explores our cultural heritage and the POSITIVE contributions made by the Caribbean UK population – our intention is to address that through this annual event. 



Event Connoisseurs was born out of my passion for the Caribbean. I wanted to see UK based events that truly reflected our rich culture and heritage.

THE VISION: To showcase the best of the Caribbean, to celebrate, preserve and grow our rich culture/heritage through a series of annual and Biennial events that will inspire harmony, trust, creativity, respect and understanding whilst building stronger communities

I have over twenty years of event planning and management experience from the corporate world and private clients; I first entered the world of event planning as a Conference Administrator in the 1990s and soon worked my way up to become Events Team Leader.  Over the years I organised hundreds of events ranging in size and complexity.  My experience is varied and range from Staff Awards and AGMs; large scale Corporate conferences, Special birthday celebrations to Family Fun Day.

I worked with the Grenada High Commission in London (voluntary role) contributing to the successful delivery of the Grenada International Homecoming event of 2012, this event took place in the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. Not only were some of my concepts implemented; I also sourced speakers from across the Caribbean.  Again, working with the High Commission, I planned and successfully delivered an out-going High Commissioner exit reception.



We are a new company and although our launch was put back by the Pandemic we have rescheduled for 2022.  I am working with a small team of volunteers and have been paying for everything myself to get this up and running. Our website is currently under development.   Funds raised will be used to pay for the hire of Chiswick Sports Ground and security.  I am working on other sources of funding to cover items such as fencing, stage, marquee, toilet hire; presenters, contributors; entertainment and the list goes on.



There will be something for everyone:

MAIN STAGE:  An explosion of UK based Caribbean talent from music, theatre, poetry.   All this and more co-hosted by two incredible talent.

OUR PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE: Black Briton Timeline; an exploration of Black History; Tracing your Family Tree; How to build your Family Tree; Genealogy and Wall of Inspiration!

ONE CARIBBEAN: All participating Caribbean Islands that celebrate Emancipation Day during the first week in August will be in this area.


CULTURE, TRADITION & CUSTOM: Come and experience something different. Show and Tell using cultural artefacts such as coal iron, Caribbean Batik or with dance (Bélé, quadrille); storytelling e.g. Anansi and more. Teach how to make a carnival mask, traditional dance, learn to speak some Patois to name a few!


HEALTH & WELLBEING:  Advice and support; meet a personal trainer; explore exercise and wellbeing. Healthcare representatives highlighting common conditions affecting the black population such as diabetes (sugar); Sickle Cell + complementary medicine and more.


THE NEXT GENERATION: Faces of the future: zoned into three sections 0 to 5, 6 to 12 and 13 to 18, year olds



We need volunteers, we are looking for entertainers, people with any Caribbean cultural artefacts they are willing to share or a skill they may have.  Are you qualified first aider; medical professional, personal trainer or simply would like to help; please get in touch with us - [email protected] or [email protected]


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