WaterAid Fundraising

My project will hopefully raise funds to help a charity called WaterAid to improve living conditions in deprived areas of the world by providing sanitation and clean water. www.wateraid.org/uk

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My Crowdfunder project is to raise funds for WaterAid which is a charitable organisation that has for over thirty years achieved wonderful improvement in the lives of deprived people around the world, by providing proper sanitation and clean water.

They cannot do this without assistance,  and for a number of years I have tried to help by writing a children's adventure story, (www.toseeafinelady.net.) and have recently completed an animated film version, about my actual and imaginary experiences as a evacuee during 1944.

Direct sales are unsuccessful therefore I hope to raise more by offering free copies of both book and film in return for direct donations to WaterAid. I can only achieve this with your help which will fund production costs. Books cost me £5 and I can make copies of the DVD film for about a £1.

Present day society owes much to the sacrifices made by so many during WW2, which we now benefit from. Some are portrayed in my story.  If you make my bid successful, you will, in a sense, perpetuate their spirit to help others.

Please bid to make the world a better place for all.

Thank you.

Peter A. Barton