Love Learning Scotland

We want to bridge the gap between social care and education in Scotland! There is no other service like us ... Please help us to deliver...

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We want to bridge the gap between social care and education in Scotland! There is no other service like us . Please help us to deliver this service to as many people as we possibly can.

People everywhere are being let down in terms of being included or nurtured in our society who are vulnerable and suffering.

We have a great education system but sometimes it doesnt work for some people. Education has been the best known indicator to increase self esteem, confidence and inclusion overall for integration.  When someone has a crisis, learning disability or something like anxiety it becomes crippling and often education gets lost or put to the bottom of the pile.

It may be that a person cannot cope with education at that time or they really want education but their condition dictates that they cannot attend. This is where our super hero workers come to the rescue to provide support in the form of relationships, parenting, education, training, accreditations and we wrap our support around that person and their family.

What Makes us Special? We never give up on anyone.... and will provide a specific service just for you with education right at the heart of it!

Our workers are social care trained in spectrum disorders, mental health, addiction, learning disabilities and health and well being and we combine this with the ability to deliver education. Taking the most vulnerable and toughest cases, providing our unique wrap around services to support our clients to achieve the directed educational outcome.

We focus on;

  • Support to families with additional needs and spectrum disorder
  • Young people out of society and from difficult backgrounds
  • Parents in Early Years Groups.
  • We minimise the learning gap from school exclusion due to behaviour, mental health, offending, family crisis, ill health and hospital admission, or any reason for exclusion.

 Love Learning Scotland delivers professional vocational training and accreditations to organisations and individuals. We deliver education to our most vulnerable and furthest removed from society or employment in our communities. Using Crisis Interventions and wrap around care we provide development solutions for our clients. We are a SQA approved learning centre providing SQA qualifications to organisations and individuals.

We are more than a training centre, More than Community learning development, different to a school.. Unique to education! Why?

When we work with people we offer our service at night, weekends at a time that suits our families, children, lifestyle or needs. Sometimes we cant fit into the mainstram 9am to 3pm or 9 until 5... Not everyone is the Norm and neither are we! We bring the education to them.. to the house or community. We also offer a crisis helpline... because we build relationships it makes sense that when our young people or families want to talk .. they can!