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Helping vulnerable and isolated unemployed people

by Shirley Smith in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


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To help unemployed people with mental health difficulties move forward in their lives into further training, voluntary work and employment

by Shirley Smith in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Safe New Futures supports vulnerable and marginalised young people and adults with mental health difficulties across Hampshire, combating the effects of poverty and unemployment to bring about positive change and hope to run down urban communities. 

 Our ‘Choices’ training programmes use a unique blend of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based support and specialised vocational and pre-employment learning opportunities. 

 In the face of the rapidly unfolding coronavirus crisis, we are now keen to continue delivering our services and reach out further through the launch of a new digitally based remote learning programme. We would like to request your support to help with the delivery of this exciting new project. 


It is still unclear from government sources how long social isolation guidelines will be enforced in the UK, but indicators suggest that until a new vaccine is widely available, free movement of individuals will be restricted for some months to come. For those who suffer from ill health and who are most at risk, enforced isolation could go on for an even longer period. 

We know that those who are isolated and alone with mental health difficulties are some of the hardest hit from this national crisis and millions more will be made unemployed and put at risk. Our help is needed more now than ever before. 


Our new remote learning programme will be based on our well established, six-month programme of support which has been scientifically proven to achieve significant, long lasting, and transformational results. 

This will provide powerful and effective Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based group support that will address the root causes and barriers that stop people moving forward in their lives, tackling negative thinking patterns, depression, anxiety, and other debilitating emotions and encouraging  the development of self-belief and hope. 

This approach will be combined with specialised vocational learning where candidates can learn how to identify their transferable skills, strengths and individual talents and decide where these can be best used for employment purposes. The development of new and real aspirations will then be combined with practical support and advice on the best ways to search for new job opportunities, write effective CV’s, fill in application forms, and perform well at job interviews. 

We sincerely hope you will choose to support us with our new venture.



Let's make 'Helping vulnerable and isolated unemployed people' happen

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