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To create a transparent home from home Dog Accomodation and Psychology Centre for any dog with any needs.

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Hi Everyone, 

My name is Grace, I have a degree in Human and Animal Psychology and I want to help educate humans, to help understand their dogs needs. 
Experience of working for charties that rehabilitate dogs facing euthenazia.
I have spent the last couple of years building rapport amongst the people of my local area and supporting confused but willing owners see thier dogs potential.
We are a nation of dog lovers, help me support owners, when they are thrown obsticals such as long working hours and behavioural issues from thier dogs!
I have the skills, just not the money!

My website is this: gracesharp.wixsite.com/mysite

I do not believe in kennels, as they have too many dogs to attend to that they are unable to give any individual dog the attention and love it requires when away from its family, or a daily walk.

I also understand that people want a dog for the evenings and weekends but actually can't meet the dogs daily attention and exercise needs, this doesn't mean they don't deserve a dog it just means they need support. It is better that dogs are being loved and are in homes than given away to rescue homes as they can't be looked after.

With constant reminders that dogs can cause life altering or even fatal attacks, I believe it is vital that money is pumped into a safe place for dogs to spend their day time where they can be exercised, socialised, trained and watched. Aggression is caused by a number of contributing factors, which the above can eliminate. If more dogs, spent their days outside, socialising with their own kind, exercising and being disciplined, rather than cooped up barking at every person who walks past their house window praying their owner will take them out after their 10 hour shift, aggression would drop. It is understandable that after such a long shift one is tired you want to give your dog a 20 minute lead walk just to get the dog out the house, relieve itself and then get back to cook some tea. However on the flip side your dog has been looking forward to this all day and requires a proper run and a socialise, if it does not get this, frustration and fear aggression is inevitable. We need to start fixing the root problem, and like most problems education and support networks can help dramatically.

So I intend to build a luxurious dog/log cabin in my garden, where I shall never be having more than 6 dogs sleep over at one time, and they shall all have 2m by 2m sleeping and private space. The cabin will only be used to sleep and eat in, my garden will be used to play in. They will be walked twice a day for at least an hour and half - age dependant obviously.

My experience is from working with rescue or seized dogs facing euthanasia in order to help them pass temperament tests and be responsibly rehomed, so I shall offer training services and socialisation services, as well as agility for those who require the stimulation. I understand that people work long hours but have a dog, so I can also mind dogs in the day time and walk them for busy owners. No dog should miss out.

Whilst this is my dream and I have been saving, in order to give the dogs the luxury they deserve the cabin is expensive, it needs to be insulated for both the warm, the cold and any noise as I am conscious of any neighbours, the door glass and window glass will need to be double glazed and I want to be correctly insured and I want safe agility equipemt. 

Thank you so much for reading this, and thank you even more if you dontate. I promise I will put my all into this and make it worth while. Please take a look at the cabin I have chosen and at my beautiful dog!

Also sorry the pictures are not fantastic, but this at the shop so I didn't have the room to take a good photo until I can purchase it and take a fantastic photo of it on my land!

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