Children road safety project

by Branko kiprovski in London, England, United Kingdom


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The global COVID-19 pandemic has made us a way from our habits in the traffic, we have to react, remind the youngsters how to stay safe!

by Branko kiprovski in London, England, United Kingdom

Me and my team are ready to cover all of London area with our project and all of UK as well if we can find support. 

Our aim is to inform youngsters about how important is to be aware when they step out of the house and out of school gates, there is a only one moment enough to change their life and to their families. 

All we need is first to sent our project to each school and wait for their call back with schedule date for visit.

As we already have successfully completed the project, we are ready to continue just to cover basics costs for our team, working space, prepearing materials for each school, transport and equipment we need for it, depending the age, disability or any other exception they have in each school. 

We personally hope that will get partners on board with us and we can together manage to make all the children safe and happy through our project. 

The idea!

The idea came from our every day life, seeing huge numbers of accidents and I personally know that, the situation will be much better if someone speaks out loud, but can't be everyone, children want heroes, successful champions, so they can have an idol and follow his advice... 

There is a link from the project in Islington:

Thank you for reading this and no worries, we have team to check all speech for the school to be grammatical :)

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