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The project aims to bring awareness to sexual assault & how experimental film can enlighten a path of self healing through film therapy.

by Kellie Sheppard in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

Hello and welcome to the crowdfunder for the upcoming film Breathe.

This crowd funder page is a call to any friends or family who have a couple of coins to spare and would like to donate it to help fund the creation of our final showcase film at Falmouth University. 

Breathe is an autobiographical film, which explores the comfort of the home. The intention of this film is very unique and incredibly personal to Etty, the director, who wants this film to be a safe haven for women, who like herself have been sexually assaulted. She intends to create this film to express how her concept of 'home’, her antithesis of solitude, helped her overcome difficulties as a young woman who has been violated, in the hope that this will also benefit others recovery. Merging home movies and natural imagery, she aims to create an experimental illusion of ‘home’ as a place of safety, calm and tranquility.

We have added Etty's previous film Blue Alteration as this was her first film on the subject of trauma and her personal experience with it.


All members of the crew are third year Film students at Falmouth University. 


Etty Stanley

Just before starting my journey with experimental filmmaking, I was sexually assaulted. This had a profound effect on me which I found difficult to cope with. Alongside this I was struggling to explain my sudden changed attitudes and social behaviours to others. However, since exploring experimental filmmaking and the avant-garde, I am discovering my way of healing wounds – through film poems. By creating my initial poems, I was able to explain how I felt - and still often feel - without having to talk about it. I am pleased to be continuing my development with experimental filmmaking, exploring my process of feeling good again and my survival, with not only my experience with sexual assault, but my experiences with everyday life as a woman. I want to make this film for others, especially women, who may need that creative outlook that I needed and had never thought about using and exploring in this way before.


Kellie Sheppard

I was completely drawn to the project as it is something I can relate to and the message that it wants to convey is so important and should be shown more in the film industry. I'm so thrilled to be producing this project not just because it is relatable but because I am passionate about experimental film and what it can do to its audiences, which to me is what makes it such a beautiful way of story telling. 

My team for this project are all talented and amazing women and I'm incredible fortunate to be working on such am emotional and intimate project with them.  

I honestly can't wait to see the finished product and distribute it in to festivals and exhibitions, and bring awareness to sexual assault and how film therapy can help in the recovery of self healing and finding your inner courage. 

Sound Designer:  

Steph Roy

I am sound designer who specialises in experimental soundscapes utilising both electronic and naturalistic sounds. My main focus has been centred around short films, including a series of short documentaries in partnership with National Geographic. Recently I worked as a Foley artist on the 2018 feature film Bait and have begun experimenting with creating my own wire recorder.


The funding that is raised will go towards the costs of equipment, travel and distribution. Any funding that isn't used on the film will be donated to the charity Art Refuge UK as the charity shares the same beliefs as the team and that which lead Etty to her chosen path of filmmaking for this project and future ones.

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