15 Minutes of Mars

by Kellie Sheppard in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

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The aim of the project is to explore ideas of our ever-changing contemporary society as well as the changing medium of filmmaking itself.

by Kellie Sheppard in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

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A regular consumer of visual media enters a show set in a retro futuristic world, where it is morally prepared and virtually sent to Mars. 


Tana is a regular user of visual and social media. A lot of her free time consists of watching and sharing vlogs, prank and reaction videos and tutorials online. Therefore, inspired by her role models, Tana entered a reality show where she could taste a little bit of fame and share her experience with like-minded people. She said goodbye to her family and friends and was virtually sent to Mars. Tana’s experience was recorded live and shared with the audience. The contestants with the most entertaining experiences are the winners of the show. 


DIRECTOR: Rusne Stankeviciute 

About Rusne: 

"I grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania, but been living and studying in Falmouth, Cornwall for two years now. Living abroad has helped me to understand a little bit better about the world we live in today, therefore, the project questions the concept of development and improving equally in a contemporary society as well as in visual media. I think that experimental film is a great opportunity to keep learning about the filmmaking while reflecting on the process of the medium itself. Since the process is open to trying and playing, I am very looking forward to creating a stylised insight of futuristic society of today." 

PRODUCER: Kellie Sheppard 

About Kellie: 

" I am a passionate film producer from a small sea side town called Weston Super Mare and after 5 years of studying film I decided to pursue it further and go to Falmouth University. I have learn’t so much about my specialism and I have made some amazing films in the past 2 half years studying here, and now I’m incredible excited to produce this experimental film. This experimental film is so unique with its visuals and message that it drew me to it instantly and I knew this was the film I needed to produce for my final year. The film is so current with its premise of displaying how today society is surrounded by social media and the media its self that it has consumed original thought and opinions. Yet it’s imagery and presentation is futuristic and retro which allows for a pleasurable visual experience and a creative way of seeing the world today." 


About Ellie:

‘I'm really excited to explore the visuals of this project. We'll be building a space-themed set, drawing inspiration from the classic "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the compelling "Moon". As the cinematographer, I am responsible for the 'look' of the film, making the camera and lighting decisions; I want to make the final piece both immersive and compelling. It's a challenging task but I can't wait to get stuck in!’

Sound Designer: Carmen Mihaela


About Carmen:

"As the sound designer in my crew, I am looking forward to recording and adding sound effects in post-production. It is well known in our industry that sound is essential to capture the audience’s attention and draw them further into the story, and there is a lot of creativity going on in the studio. I relish creative challenges and I am very passionate about this project, so I will do my best to complement the visual appeal of the film through different sound techniques."

Art Director: Max Warren 



About Max:

I’m a second-year Television student at Falmouth University from a small town in Suffolk. As a set designer, I’m looking to create the world for the narrative to be told in. Throughout my time at university I have focused on the DoP/Lighting Director role, however, I have started to use my arts and crafts background to get hands-on and create sets. My past experience in painting and model construction have allowed me to have an eye for details. Meanwhile, my experience in workshops at home and in college have allowed me to find innovative ways to find new different ways to create props and upcycle a bit of everything. Throughout high school and college, I was obsessed with Stargate’s and Star Trek’s ways to show and represent different cultures/societies and this project will allow me to explore this and show two opposing societies within 15 Minutes of Mars.”


 To examine the steady point of view on our everyday life in a digital society.  


The funding will be used for materials for the project as the set will be completely hand crafted and made by the team. It will also go towards helping to distribute the film once it has been completed, as well as any left over funding which will be going to a charity of the team's choosing, which is the charity Action for Children.  

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