HQ for CEEDS Community Development Project

by Tom Pritchard in Boyton, England, United Kingdom


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This project will only be funded if at least £300,000 is pledged by 10th May 2021 at 3:55pm

To raise funds to hopefully acquire a piece of land/property/both to provide a North Cornwall base for ever expanding Dreams of better lives

by Tom Pritchard in Boyton, England, United Kingdom


I am an Mechanical Engineer, who specialised in Project and Technical Management to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 standards. Contracts to include Thames Desalinaton Plant, Met office Computer cooling systems, Oil & Gas, Defense, Astrazeneca R&D world HQ drainage, Porton Down, Pirbright, AWE Burghfield to name just a few. 

The corporate world and the ethics that were involved in the above industries however was not for me, and following a decade in industry after graduating, I finally left the rat race to follow my dream of running a festival venue. This was realised after 4 years of insane hours and much blood, sweat and many tears, but 2019 saw 9 festivals completed,mostly funded by myself and some forward thinking select friends with many many hours and resource given for free by many many awesome warriors. which culminated in our own full event production put on for all the people that helped and dedicated time and resources that helped our dream become reality.  Our last event was 29th Feb 2020. Corona lockdown came in March 2020 and put everything into stasis.

The Aim

Secure a property to act as HQ for CEEDS, 

Centre of Entrepreneurial Excellence, Diversity and Sustainability.

The vision is to develop a local establishment which holds the character and purpose of the building whilst becoming an essentially decentralised management community team.  A place of abundant provision and distributed wealth.

'if you find yourself better off than others, build a longer table not higher fences'

In our collective we have all the necessary skills to renovate and breath life into the building and the surrounding community. 

The Public House was once the heart of many communities and it is disappointing that so many are falling away and closing doors forever. Once a hub of community spirit. Many are now empty cold shells.

My vision, with the assistance of many warrior spirits is to provide a place where the door is never closed, never unstaffed and always ready to provide the support, motivation and love that is going to be needed at the local level like never before, when the true damage that has been done by the Government is fully realised..

Corona has wiped out so much, there are so many people in need and so many willing to help. My dream is to secure a Projects HeadQuarters in the North Cornwall area to further expand my vision of reiginiting community spirit, sharing resourses, ideas, a place to dine, a place to get a pint after work or watch sports. A place for refuge and advice. A place where imagination becomes reality. A place for family, old and young, immediate and extended.

Having operated out of my home since the inception in 2016, we are now  bursting at the seams, a dedicated location is a huge step but necessary if we are to realise the Dream of making life better for ALL who cross our path.

Having looked around there are many Public Houses and Hotels on the market.

This one would be the Holy Grail at this moment, but we are always infinitely flexible and always ready for the most insane of challenges of spirit and will.

The Countryman Inn is a local historical Public House on the Link road Between the A30 and Bude on the North Cornwall Coast. It has suffered due to the wider impact of the pub business and is now suffering much more due to being empty for over a year.


 I would Project manage a full renovation and refit, living on site during the renovations, supported by industry experts from Military planning experts, Multinational Commercial Operations Officers, Architects, Roofers, General Buiders, Accountants, Plant Hire Services, Builders merchants. Some are good friends who are established in industry willing to pledge time for the Vision, others are past employers  who have pledged to mentor, and others currently running CIC's, Film Production companies etc. 

The Personal Journey I have been on in the last five years has been trans formative to say the least, everything is now possible, if you broaden your horizons and apply sustained effort and unbending intent. The level of support and pure passion for making a difference has been very humbling. There is an army of undervalued caring warriors out there ready for battle.   

It is now my dream for everyone who supported me to fulfill their dreams of self discovery, like as happened to myself and for those individuals to collectively carry that Love and Sunshine forward and out into every corner of as many communities as possible. 

I'm not accepting the dictated new normal, I'm building 'A Field of Dreams'.

'There is no fate, but what we make'

Qualifications, References and Industry Expert Pledges.

Tom Pritchard BEng(Hons)- Project/Technical Lead

Owner & MD at Planet of Pluto

CV - 

New Bias.org CIC Adam Russell - MD, Dan Wiseman - Director

www.wisemanproductions. Dan Wiseman - MD

 More details to follow as the momentum builds...

Let's make 'HQ for CEEDS Community Development Project' happen

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