Howth Harbour Seabin Project Keep Seas Clean

by Rowan Byrne in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Howth Harbour Seabin Project Keep Seas Clean
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On 10th March 2019 we successfully raised £784 with 30 supporters in 50 days

The Project Aim it to place two fully funder seabins to be placed in Howth Harbour to collect micro and macro plastics that enter the water

by Rowan Byrne in Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

I grew up in Howth all my life. I used to go there nearly every day to watch the seals, birds and fishing boats come in and deliver their catch. Its a magical place where you can walk the pier and walkways and observe Irelands Eye, and Lambay in the distance. 

It gets its fair share of visiting tourists each year and more and more people are discovering its beauty. Sadly this means more and more plastics, nano, micro and macro plastics are seen floating on the waters surface in the harbour.These plastics take decades to degrade and eventually fragment causing more and more harm in the waters in Howth and our oceans. I am funding for two Seabins as part of the award winning The Seabin Project . Please see 

What’s a Seabin?

The Seabin unit is a floating debris interception device designed to be installed in the water of marinas, Yacht Clubs, ports and any water body with a calm environment and services available.

I will strategically place these in areas where they will collect floating plastics and improve and keep the harbour waters in Howth Harbour clean.

Please help keeping plastics out of our oceans, benefits us, our health the food we eat and the environment. Howth is my home and I love it but we need to do more much more in keeping the waters in the harbour and our coasts clean. 

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