How Safe Are You At A Festival

How Safe Are You At A Festival

Show the reality of what these festivals impact on young adults and to raise awareness of precautions you should take before going to events

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Need Funding to be able to make our project come to life. Now first Of all Everybody at a young age will experience festival/party lifestyle as we all know its part of growing up. Now i have had bad experiences myself but i have also seen hands down some of the worst outcomes of these festivals On Young adults who are not  actually aware of what substances they are taking, also what can happen when your state of mind is not at a level of awareness that it should be.

Im doing this project to make people understand how to still have a good time at a festival but also to make them feel safe and make sure they can go home without any injuries or even worse without any fatality's. 

Young adults students or even people who like to have a good time travel all over the world to go to these festivals and sadly some of them do not make it home. 

We wish to change that but also make an impact on the people controlling these events and the people attending 

All funding will go into the film making and any volunteers will get the funding they need to come on this adventurous awareness programme 

Hoping to take this world wide 

But The Heart of the project is to MAKE A CHANGE