House Help

House Help

To avoid homelessness I am trying to raise enough money for a deposit.

We did it!

On 26th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £383 with 23 supporters in 14 days

Project aim

I'm not asking for much, just many. If you can donate just £1 and share this page to help me reach 1000 people then you could be helping save me from loan sharks and cripling debt. 

About the project

My name is James. I've been living in Brighton for 5 years and have, for the most part, been able to remain fairly stable. Unfortunatly the last year has been a difficult one and I'm glad to say I'm nearing the final hurdle of it but I need your help.

I've been working two part time jobs and usually getting less than full time hours between the them for most of the year. Now my landlord has decided to reclaim the flat I live in and I've been forced to move. I've found a place and also a new, full time, well paid job but as it stands I can't afford the deposit.The prospect of homelessness is terrifying as I'm sure you would all agree, and it tends to have a knock-on effect on the rest of the lives of the people who suffer it. I have been asked, why not sofa surf for a while and save cash from the new job until you can afford to move? Simple. I need to pass the probation period and that means preforming to the best of my abbilites. Not having a home is bad or your mental health. With the added stress of starting a new job I really can't take the risk.  

So please, if you can spare £1 and a couple of seconds to share this I would be eternaly greatful.


Below are some examples of the doodles you might recive if you donate higher amounts! I'm Sorry that I can't offer anything better at this point.

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