House for my family
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am raising money to buy my parents, myself, and my children a home, as we face homelessness

by Russell Nelson in Ingoldmells, England, United Kingdom

My family is in a major crisis, we have ploughed all our possible funds into two caravans, with the hope of moving to the coast for a better life for my elderly parents and my children, unfortunately we have now been told were not allowed the caravans on site next year, and after giving up the family home, we are facing becoming homeless, with not enough money to rent anywhere suitable for us, my mother is 68 with many debilitating illnesses, my father is 72 with crippling dementia, i am 36, with no major job prostpects, as i gave up my career to assist with the move, as i own a van, my children are 12 and 13, one of which suffers from detachment dissorder, and is very fragile in nature, i would like to raise funds in order to buy my family a house, which will serve as both a sheltered environment for my parents and children, and to serve as a base for me to kick-start a new career, also, with sufficient ground to take the caravans to, so we dont lose all the money we invested in them, i see adverts on television every day concerning foreign aid type charities, now i would like to use this opportunity to ask for people within the UK, to help a family in their home country, i admit, throughout my life i have made mistakes, my parents too, my children also, however, i want the whole family to be proud of at least one of my acheivements, which is keeping us from poverty and homelessness, by asking for your help, in making a donation

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