House deposit for NHS oncology worker

House deposit for NHS oncology worker

Afford to buy a 2 bedroom house in Worcester & provide cheap accommodation for training therapy radiographers (treating cancer) on placement

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Sarah and I am a therapeutic radiographer working in oncology based in Worcester where I currently rent with my dog Norman.

I have one of the most challenging but fulfilling jobs within the NHS; planning treatment for and delivering radiotherapy to patients with cancer.

It is a 3 year degree and on qualifying there are only a certain number of hospitals able to provide radiotherapy, usually based in the larger cities/towns.

I've worked in both Bath and Cheltenham but unfortunately house prices and rent in these locations are so high that I was unable to save enough to buy my own property.

Recently I relocated to Worcester where the cost of living is a little better and I have started to save more in the hope of buying a house. At the age of 36 I’d anticipated to have saved enough money alone to own a property but I have been caught chasing my own tale since qualifying in 2002 in repaying my student loan and the cost of living.

I would like to raise enough money to afford to buy a small house near the hospital. My goal would then be to help offer cheap accommodation to students who are out on placement training in my department. They have a long and expensive  daily commute (usually by train) lasting between 6-10 weeks and they cannot secure a place in nursing accommodation.

If I could help support these students during this time I hope it will aid them finically to continue with the course and training and in the long run encourage them to look for employment with us thereafter. Hopefully saving a few pennies during their training will help reduce their student loans and set them up with a better start once working.

Many thanks,