House Build From Start To Finish Step By Step

House Build From Start To Finish Step By Step

I want to document every step by step of finding and buying some land, getting drawings made, getting planning and building a dream home

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a builder that owns a building company, I am self-employed and people like me struggle to get any sort of lending, loans or mortgages (I know most people do these days) BUT basically you must have money to make money.

I want to document CORRECTLY and TRUETHALY what a developer and a builder has to go through to build one house, on fresh land, not like they show on TV programs these days where they make it look really easy and plain sailing

I want to video every good the bad and the ugly from

  • finding land
  • buying the land
  • planning the build
  • getting drawings
  • putting drawings in for planning permission
  • then putting more drawings in as the first will probably not get planning permission
  • then setting up the land for building
  • the full build from ground up
  • show how ordering all materials never goes right
  • show how the suppliers never deliver on time
  • show how weather is a massive issue
  • everything

I have a wife and 3 kids, I will also show this

  • the stress it has on our family
  • the hours a real builder and developer actually has to put into the work (not just on site)
  • the knowledge that is actually needed

Best bit is donators will have a chance to add what they want to see into the project and add to the design ie. do you want to see this house made from shipping containers but not look like it was?