Our Vision........"To create a permanent base for football in West Linton, that the club and community can be proud of"

We did it!

On 9th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £10,735 of £7,500 target with 92 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Simply Amazing....!

None of this would have been possible without the people who have pledged to our #HotspursBigMove project, and those who have shared it with friends, family & on social media. This really is a fantastic achievement of which we can all feel proud off.    Additional funds can continue to made until next Wednesday. Any extra on top will go towards the development fund.    We have been overwhelmed with all your support...Thank you so much! #MontheSpurs #Crowdfunding #HotspursBigMove 

Target | £7,500

Our Crowdfunding Project target is principally focused on the cabin upgrade works. The extent of the upgrade works will to a large degree, hinge on the success of this fundraising exercise.

Introduction & Aims

Linton Hotspur FC has secured a 99 year lease over the area of ground highlighted in Appendix 1The area of ground was previously utilised by the club with our changing and welfare facilities located elsewhere on the wider site both on an informal basis thanks to a generous landowner.

We are undertaking this project in order to service the site and improve our changing/welfare as well as install provisions for access and services.  The intention is that the services, drainage and access installations will be done with a more permanent facility in mind and to ensure there is no further work undertaken in the future.  That said, we have secured a modular facility that should provide a sustainable facility for approximately 10 years.

Our Vision

"To create a permanent base for football in West Linton, that the club and community can be proud of" LHFC Committee

About the Project

Linton Hotspur FC is in an exciting transitional phase as result of obtaining long term security over the subject site. This security of tenure is something the club has not had since it's re-inception in October 2008 and as such, there is momentum building to ensure the club puts down permanent routes in West Linton.

The project involves 3 distinct elements, which in conjunction with one and other, will provide a fully operational facility of high standard, capable of serving not only the local football club, but other sport and recreational groups:

  • Access & Infrastructure - Installation of a roadway, splayed entrance, hardstanding for our facilities and appropriate boundary fencing
  • Services & Drainage - Water and electricity supplies are required on site, as well as installation of a septic tank and soakaway as there is no access to the main drainage network
  • Welfare Facilities - We have secured a modular facility that will house all changing, welfare and club facilities. This facility will be ready to occupy on arrival, though we are aiming to execute works to improve its functionality, notably shower/toilet facilities and a small kitchen area.

The costs have been subject to a competitive tender process, where three individual parties responded. A full breakdown and tender analysis can be provided if required.

Appendix 1




Linton Hotspur FC: 'The Club'

The club is a 'not for profit' voluntary organisation, re-formed in 2008 after disbanding in 1971. Up until this point, the club has been in existence in West Linton for some 43 years.

The club initially acquired three porta cabins and fitted them out as changing/welfare facilities and sited these adjacent to the local football pitch on a short term lease from Scottish Borders Council. This was 'home' until the construction of West Linton's new Primary School on the local sports field occurred.

At this point, the club was generously assisted by a local landowner who provided the existing site to use on an informal, year to year lease.  We were able to re-position our porta cabins relatively close to the pitch within the landowners wider ownership, and close to existing utility connections.  This has been our home since 2012.

Most recently, the club has been granted a 99 year lease at a rental cost of £1 per annum over the area of ground outlined in Appendix 1.  This area of land does not include the location of our temporary facilities, hence the need to undertake this project and install the necessary service media, access provisions and upgraded welfare facilities.

LHFC In Numbers

The club has in excess of 130 members from the ages of 4 to 50.  Our principal purpose is to provide football coaching and facilities for male and female members across all age groups, both youth and senior.

There are two working committees within the club with a sub-committee solely operating the Linton Hotspur FC Colts section.  Between the two working committees there are approximately 19 active committee members.

Club Affiliations

The club is affiliated to the Scottish Football Association (within which we are a recognised Quality Mark club), the Scottish and Border Amateur Football Association, the East of Scotland and Soccer Development Association and the equivalent Borders operation for youths.  Within these various federations we have teams playing fun 4's, 7 aside and 11 aside fixtures across various age groups.

Compliance & Best Practice

All of our coaches within the Colts section are fully disclosed and we have a designated coach education programme to ensure our coaches are providing the appropriate standard of coaching.  This programme is not only designed to benefit from education available externally through the SFA but also internal coach education.  We are open to participation from all sectors of society.

Growth Agenda

Our Colts section had 67 children registered for 2014-2015.  Based on a primary school catchment area of approximately 360 (between West Linton Primary School and Newland Primary School), 18.6% of the primary age population in the area are represented.  This analysis does not include our recent development of the girls section and our academy operation for children aged between 13 and 16.

Springfield Homes is in the process of developing 93 new homes in West Linton with the housing stock allocation for the wider catchment also providing further scope for growth.  The Springfield development alone could bring up to 150 children to the area.  We have relatively modest growth ambitions and are confident that success over the last 6 years can be built upon providing improved facilities.

Our Objectives

The ultimate objectives for Linton Hotspur FC are outlined below:

  • to engage with all sectors of society and provide football coaching to the highest standard possible
  • through improvement of our facilities, we are eager to grow and improve the offer we currently have to our members
  • promote health & wellbeing throughout the local community.

How will obtaining funding and executing this project assist in delivering our project?

At the moment the club and the village is constricted by a lack of sporting facilities, particularly those that can be used during the winter months. Whilst this project does not directly address this, it does provide an openly accessible facility and welfare provisions for the community to utilise to their benefit.

We feel that creating more of a 'hub', will assist us in growing the club and providing a more engaging atmosphere for our parents.  Improved facilities can only be of wider benefit to all our current and future members by encouraging participation in sport and recreation.

In terms of community engagement, there are a number of local sports clubs including rugby, running and cycling that would be able to benefit from the improved accessibility and welfare facilities.  Our local festival week in June (which is an integral part of West Linton and the Scottish Border's heritage) would also benefit.


In summary, Linton Hotspur FC has come a relatively long way since inception 2008, building a strong foundation in West Linton and the surrounding areas.  Despite facing several challenges the club has materially grown and improved in this time.

We have been gratefully supported by the local community and local businesses in order to establish ourselves and sustain our operation after several sizeable obstacles as well as benefiting from having a committed and hardworking team of volunteers on our committees.

This project, summarised as an infrastructure and enabling work project, will help the club deliver its objectives and provide an improved service to our current and future members, as well as promoting health and wellbeing throughout all ages and sections of our community.



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