To fund the launch of the an innovative new venture delivering the worlds best chilli sauces from small artisan producers...

We did it!

On 6th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £160 with 1 supporter in 28 days


Project aim

To fund the launch of the an innovative new venture delivering the worlds best chilli sauces from small artisan producers directly to your door each month.

How it all started

We LOVE chilli sauce!

We are Ben, Lee and Fraser, we have been working together for around three years and each have a very specific set of skills.

Ben is all about the cooking: Chef, cafe owner and food fanatic

Lee is a bottling guru: you make it and he can bottle it

Fraser is a nerd! : coding, algorhythms and websity stuff.

Chatting over a beer or two (the one thing we all do well) we came up with a business idea in which all of our specific skills could be combined to create one amazing venture!


A brief history of hotsauce

Humans have used chili peppers and other hot spices for thousands of years. Inhabitants of Mexico, Central America and South America had chili peppers more than 6,000 years ago. Within decades of contact with Spain and Portugal in the 16th century, the American plant was carried across Europe and into Africa and Asia, and altered through selective breeding.One of the first commercially available bottled hot sauces in North America appeared in 1807 in Massachusetts.

Well now things have gotten very interesting, it is not the big corporates that are lighting the fires it is the garden shed producers and the chilli entrepreneurs of the future that we want to help shine. By providing an amazing platform for their products and dropping their sauce on the doormats or 1000’s of hot sauce lovers we can elevate their business to the next level.


Who are these chilli alchemist's?

We have scoured the country and the web to discover the chilli men and women who passionately blend, cook, simmer and blitz chillis into some of the most amazing hot sauces you will ever try! From Mr Khoo who grows chiilis in his parents garden (fact) to the Ribman of East london who slathers rib rolls in his famous if not slightly naughtilly named holy f$%k sauce. is a subscription based service.  Every month a beautiful little box containing 4 stylish 70ml glass bottles of our specially selected sauces will arrive through the post delivered to either your desk at work or your home. You can cancel your order at anytime and are not tied into a minimum term (we are that sure that you will be addicted).

Each sauce you receive will have information about the producer along with special offers and promotions regarding their product.

What have we done so far?

We have been self-funding the business and so far have managed to achieve quite a lot on quite a little.

We have spent countless hours working on every element of From researching hundreds of suppliers, manufacturers, and postal options through to designing the brand and developing the website.

The top and bottom of it is that we really need as many customers as possible to make this a success.


What will we use the money for?

The money raised will enable us to get the amazing products that we have sourced from around the globe to the discerning public. We passionately believe that we can use our skills and idea to help 1000’s of small producers make a healthy living selling their products on our shiny new website.

Your pledge will fund product essential marketing, packaging and help us further develop our brand.

By Febuary 2016 we'd like to be in a position where we are ready to go and is bottling, selling and shipping to its customer base.

Awesome rewards

We have awesome money can't buy rewards lined up. Here is a bit more detail about each of them.

Everyone who pledges will have the honour of making it into the “we couldnt have done it without you” page on our website. For our subscription rewards you will be able to choose which recipe you would like to receive and you will be able to change this as often as you like throughout the subscription.

The Founding Membership is available to those pledging £150. This is the subscription to end all subscriptions. Not only will you get 12 months worth of monthly deliveries, you will also get exclusive access to our new recipes area, and you will also be included in any special offers that we will be running.  

Our top reward is available to those pledging £1000 and is perfect for anyone who truly loves hot sauce. We will bundle you off to our production site in sunny Tottenham where you will spend the day with Ben developing your very own hot sauce (meek and mild or dereair destroying) the choice is yours! Lee and his team will then bottle and label your product. you take 24 bottles home and we ship your sauce to every customer!


Any amount you can pledge will mean an enormous amount to us and help introduce thousands of niche brand artisan sauces to the British consumer.



Thank you for your support,

Ben, Lee & Fraser

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