Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles

To raise £200 to buy 100 Hot Water Bottles to distribute to those on the street who need them on #OneDayWithoutUs, 20th February.

We did it!

On 27th Feb 2017 we successfully raised £230 of £200 target with 10 supporters in 14 days

We are trying to put together £200 to buy 100 Hot Water Bottles.

The weather right now is freezing and miserable. So the plan is to distribute them to those out on the streets who need them.

The distribution will happen on and around the 20th February to intersect with the One Day Without Us ( day of action, which seeks to celebrate and show solidarity with migrants and the role they play in the UK, through various work stoppages. A march against Trump and his violent Islamophobia is also planned for the same day.

Showing solidarity with homeless people on this day communicates that we understand homelessness as a structural issue, a form of oppression whose real causes may not always be visible at street level, but which is manifestly exarcebated by the destruction of social housing and racist immigration policies. Distributing hot water bottles does not pose as a solution, but as an act of solidarity and an opportunity to help combat the isolation which confronts those who end up on the street.

A friend organised a similar action while we were in Greece organising with migrant communities there. The hot-water bottles were felt to be a sustainable alternative to blankets as they are lighter for carrying around and can be refilled easily in the city.

FYI: the minimum time frame seems to be 2 weeks on this site but in fact we will need to raise the money by Thursday 16th February to buy hot water bottles over the weekend ! If you can give, thank you so much, and please give anonymously.

If you want to be involved with distribution too then let me know!

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