Hot Flames:Purchase a candle, we'll plant the tree

by Giovanna Coombes in Poole, England, United Kingdom

Hot Flames:Purchase a candle, we'll plant the tree
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Fancy a candle that doesn't cost the world, but in fact helps save it? Check out Hot Flames Candle Co on Etsy and we'll plant the tree :)

Hey you! 

We love all things sustainable at Hot Flames, from our products to packaging everything is biodegradable! 

We work through Etsy (search for us: Hot Flames Candle Company) who set off all carbon emissions for every purchase! We decided this wasn't enough, so through We Do Ethical charity we plant a tree for every candle sold using our Etsy store! 

One of our co-owners (Giovanna Coombes) is the current Miss Poole and is competing in the upcoming Miss England Finals. Every tree pledge supports her in being one step closer to the Climate Queen title! If you would like to support this cause and have some beautiful handmade soy wax candles please visit our shop on Etsy: Hot Flames Candle Company. If you would like to be kept updated on Miss Poole's Miss England journey please follow: @giovannacoombes on Instagram! 

Thanks and sending good vibes, 

Gio and James from Hot Flames 

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