Hospital Hearts ❤️

by Melissa Keskinkilinc in Knowle, England, United Kingdom

Hospital Hearts ❤️


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I am creating and donating small glass hearts to local hospitals for their patients.

by Melissa Keskinkilinc in Knowle, England, United Kingdom

I am creating and donating small glass hearts to local hospitals for their patients.

Last week I saw that some hospitals and hospices were requesting hearts for patients who are no longer allowed visitors. Having stayed in hospital this year already, I know that however awesome the staff are, it’s not always the nicest place to be... Especially when you are no longer allowed visitors due to this nasty virus ????

As a glass artist, and an art psychotherapy student currently on placement within the NHS, I really wanted to do something to help...

So I thought that I would create some glass hearts to hopefully bring a smile to someone’s loved ones face. Plus an added bonus is that they are very easy to disinfect and clean! I have sent some into Solihull Hospital, and will continue to create more to donate to Solihull and other Midlands hospitals or hospices.

Please get in touch if you know of a local hospital or hospice that might appreciate a donation of hearts.

If you would like to sponsor a batch of hearts then please feel free to donate any amount ❤️£10 allows me to buy a pack of 10 small squares of glass, which I hope to create up to 60ish hearts out of.

Thank you very much for reading!

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