Horse Riding for Disabled & Learning Difficulties

Horse Riding for Disabled & Learning Difficulties

Myself and my partner are in the process of purchasing some land in Aylesbury Vale to open a horse riding centre for the disabled

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Myself and my partner are in the process of purchasing some land in Aylesbury Vale District, to which we are looking for funding to open up a riding school for the disabled and for people with learning dificulties. 

We are privately purchasing the land, so do not require funding for this.

The funding that we are looking for is the startup costs  to adapt the land ready for our clients.

We will be building the staple area, which will be hard standing and approx 14m2.

The cost of building this area is in region of £30,000 which includes all stables and completing the foundations.

We will be partionaing three areas for the horses to live out, when required.

We will be building a school for riding leasons. The cost of this is in region of £10,000

We already have two out buildings for storage however will require a metal container as well as toilet facilities.

To allow for vehicles we will need to change the grass entrance area to a car park.

We are looking at getting 2 horses on loan at the start and then buying two youngsters which my partner will "back" and "bring on" until they are reading for clients. This will usually take in 2 years. When these are ready we will then purchase another two youngers and do the same again, which will mean that we will be self sufficient. 

We will need other equipment and riding gear which will have set aside £5,000 for.

We will not require any staff costs until we are ready to welcome in clients. At this time my partner works full time I work part time job and will continue to do so.

We both currently live in Milton Keynes and have done for 5 years. Prior to this I worked for the RDA at a horse activity centre in Barnet so has a fast amount of experience.

I hope that this is something that we are eligible to apply for funding.