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After a long and loyal life with Horse Rangers, we have 4 horses in retirement and they deserve the best care in their more senior years.

by Horse Rangers Association in East Molesey, England, United Kingdom

This appeal is for Danny, Krystal, Solly and Victor

These horses have been with us for very many years, taking young novice riders and teaching them confidence in the saddle, or taking experienced children for a canter round the park, they have enjoyed and endured putting up with many children……… lots of patting, grooming, feeding, picking out their feet , leading them and riding them…….. and now they have retired.

There is not a lot you can do with old retired horses apart from give them the best care. They do of course cost as much to look after as a fit young horse which is why we would like your help in maintaining the retirement of these horses in the twilight of their careers.

£20 would be a great help, £50 would pay for 10 bales of hay or bedding to keep them fed and warm in the winter, £50 would also buy them a nice rug for the cold weather.
 Each horse costs nearly £5000 per year, that’s a lot of money for our charity as we have already replaced these horses for their work with the children and RDA and we never have any money left over after caring for all our other horses.

Thank you for your support, as always. 

A little bit more about each horse:


This is Danny and pink suits him so well. Fly masks are important during the warm weather to protect their ears, eyes and nostrils from nasty bug bites and infections.

Danny was born in 1988 and is our oldest resident . He joined Horse Rangers in 1998 from the International League for the Protection of Horses (World Horse Welfare charity). 

Danny when he first joined us, what a handsome boy.

Danny is the Houdini of horses, he can escape through any hedge, he loves his field but is also very excited about what is on the other side, and he will escape given half a chance. He was a great RDA horse for very many years and has regularly attended the Windsor Horse Show. Back in May 2015, he dressed to impress as BatHorse, along with one of our RDA coaches, Rachel as Catwoman!

His best friend in the whole world is Victor….they are inseparable, they even get their bath and haircut together...

Their friendship is touching to see, with your support, we can help them stay together as long as possible.


This is our lovely Krystal! She was born in 1996 and was rehomed with us through the ILPH in November 2002. Before she came to HRA, she had a foal called Kahn, who, like her, was rehomed through World Horse Welfare.

In her younger days, she was quite a fizzy horse, loved to jog-trot along and was always a fun ride. Krystal was a star of the Musical Ride, along with her partner Solly.

Lambeth Show, 2010 - Musical Ride, Krystal & Solly riding side by side.

She was always a popular choice for Rangers to ride and be around.

We remember how she decided to jump out of her stable on the day she arrived but she then settled down very quickly and is sorely missed as a riding horse and as a lovely RDA horse. 


 Adorable SOLLY was born in 1998. She came to us in summer 2006. Solly didn’t get the best start in life. You can still see the white scar lines on her neck. 

Despite her misfortune in her younger years, she has stayed strong and has proved such a wonderful asset to all aspect of Horse Rangers. She was also part of the HRA Musical Ride team, often partnering with Krystal. 

Solly’s favourite trick is to crawl under the bar out of her stable, how does she do that? It’s one of her Special Powers!  She was a regular at the Windsor Horse Show and a fantastic RDA horse as she was a nice quiet horse, unless you tried to clip her and then she needed to have a little sedation to ease the terrifying noise of the clippers! 

In her prime years, Solly was a favourite among Rangers for our yearly Gymkhana when she would take part in all sorts of games and challenges. Look at her, looking so alert and ready to take our Ranger Anna towards new adventures.

A mare of many talents, Solly loved taking parts in all events, proudly attending the Windsor Horse Show in the RDA dress up competition:

Solly and her travelling companion to Windsor's Horse Show, Victor:


And last but not least, Victor! He was born in 1989. He retired from the Metropolitan Police Force and came to Horse Rangers on 24/01/2007.

Victor has been a huge part of our RDA team, being a key and steady favourite amongst riders and volunteers together. 


Victor's patience and lovely collaboration were always such an asset for both our mainstream rangers and RDA members. 

Whether decorated as a Christmas Tree or as the Wizard of Oz Lion for the Windsor Horse Show, we could always rely on Victor to play his role kindly.

See below, Victor during one of our past RDA Open Day, when we invite our RDA families and carers to see the achievements and the joys of our members. It is always a lovely occasion for all, riders, parents/ carers, volunteers and horses.

A gentle Giant and a favourite at Christmas when Father Christmas used to arrive on him. Victor is a favourite with many Rangers, he loves attention and really loves being groomed. He famously once decided to climb up the muck heap and then fell off…. he was fine and fortunately none the worse for his mini adventure. Best buddies with Danny. 

May 2020: sharing a water trough on a hot spring day.

One ranger was missing Victor during the recent lockdown and shared with us a lovely drawing:

Thank you for taking the time to read their stories.

From all at Horse Rangers, Hampton Court.

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