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by Horse Mist in Bitterley, England, United Kingdom

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To improve the life of horses in need who have nowhere else to turn. I am not selective like the RSPCA and others about who they will take

by Horse Mist in Bitterley, England, United Kingdom

As previously mentioned I am a former mounted policeman who served for several years with the Royal Military Police Mounted Section.

I have now over 40 years experience in working with and training, re-training and, re-purposing horses and helping them to move on to new lives.

I volunteer with a local horse charity who have done some tremendous work in this field but, the problem of horse neglect is unfortunately very real in this country and they need all the help that they can get so, this is why I have decided to set up my own sanctuary to help as many more horses as I physically can.

I will still be working with the aforementioned charity and we will be working together as my specialty with them to to settle troubled and abused horses and give them back their own self confidence and self purpose.

I am asking for monies to help with the initial set up of my yard which needs new gates and general equipment to help the horses settle in and start their new lives with me.

My long term aim is to find loving homes for all the horses who come to me, I already have several requests for sanctuary.

One of the hardest things when taking in a horse that has been mistreated or neglected is to build a bond of trust. In the video that I have used on this request page, it shows a Miniature Shetland called Forest. Forest was initially rescued by the RSPCA a couple of years ago, he had been living in a barn with around 27 other Shetlands but had been neglected so much that when rescued the build up of fecal matter etc had them up in the rafters of the barn.

Forest was a complete wildling and had no real handling experience but, he was taken on by the charity and then came to my family for re-homing. He had very bad feet conditioning as his hooves were extremely overgrown and infected. Now thankfully he is a loving companion pet and his feet are in great condition.

All of this takes time to achieve, over 2 years in Forest's case but it also takes money so i am now coming to kind people like yourselves to ask you to help fund the new sanctuary.

I have a Facebook page:

and a Youtube page:

You can see from these some of the horses that I have been working with over the last 12 months or so. I and the horses would be extremely grateful for any monies that you can donate toward their welfare and care.

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