Horizon Watersports

To open small watersports centres overseas. To employ and train disadvantaged youth. To enable other instructors to open their own centres.

We did it!

On 29th Dec 2014 we successfully raised £15,311 of £15,000 target with 191 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target


Our Stretch Target:


What will we use the extra money for?


Our base target is set at £15,000. The cost of setting up and developing Horizon Watersports is a lot more. 

Our plan is to therefore use a bank loan to cover the remaining requirement. We recognise that Crowd Funding projects should primarily serve the purpose of 'community good' and so we decided that asking for £15,000 was morally justifiable in support of our Community and Apprenticeship aims.

However, the project as a whole would hugely benefit from further contributions and this would ensure the success of our plans to support other watersport entrepreneurs.

Our initial Crowdfunder money will be used to buy our equipment and help facilitate the Apprentice Scheme.

If we are fortune enough to exceed our £15,000 target we will utilise this money to support our project as a whole, for example:


                                - Staff Training & Development

                                - Staff Accomodation & Salaries

                                - Professional branded uniform

                                - Office equipment

                                - Watersports & Safety equipment

                               - Supporting entrepreneurs with their centres

Reaching the stretch target will ensure the strongest of foundations for the business. This will ensure a firm base on which to expand, to assist other entrepreneurs and to continue to employ Apprentices.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and I do hope that you will feel inclined to help us by either pledging an amount or simply...

....by spreading the word...

Thank you again for your interest in our project, we really appreciate any support you can offer.

SMALL FRIENDLY WATERSPORTS CENTRES .....with a really positive twist!

Our aim is to open small watersports centre overseas, starting in 2015 with one centre in Greece. This process will include employing and training unskilled/disadvantaged young people. It will also include a process whereby Horizon Watersports will facilitate the setting up of new centres on behalf of other watersports entrepreneurs, who are seeking to own or manage their own centres.

1) Open a small watersports centre in Greece2) Employ and train disadvantaged 18 - 24 year olds3) Enable other watersport entrepeneurs to open their own centres 

Equipment hire and tuition will be available in sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and paddle boarding. The activities on offer will be available to both the local community and holiday makers. The standard of safety, tuition and customer service will be second to none. For more information on what activities and sessions we offer please visit www.horizonwatersports.co.uk

The Horizon managers have spent over 20 years working in the watersports industry. We have managed a number of centres and also have had the wonderful experience of setting up a brand from scratch. These 20 years have all involved working for large Tour Operators. Now it's time to  open a smaller company all of our own and then help others to open their own centres.  Horizon will, of course, deliver excellent standards to our customers but we will also actively pursue and embrace the benefits that working overseas, in close knit teams can have on a young person's life...


Outdoor pursuits are proven to be a great tool for encouraging personal development and promoting self worth. We will recruit disadvantaged/unskilled 18 - 24 year olds as Apprentices, they will be:

  • paid to work overseas
  • given flights and accommodation
  • learn how to sail, windsurf, kayak, paddle board and drive safety  boats
  • learn how to teach sailing, windsurfng, kayaking and paddle boarding
  • trained to take responsibility for teaching their own group of students (both afloat and ashore)
  • awarded National Governing Body qualifications

This means that the Apprentices will complete their contract having gained internationally recognised qualifications. These qualifications are linked to jobs all over the world.

We can open up a whole world of opportunity to these young people!

The skills learnt with Horizon Watersports will not only be applicable to the watersports industry worldwide, but they will be key life skills, transferable to a huge variety of other workplaces. Skills learnt will include such things as team work, social responsibility, confidence, organisation, time management, complaint handling, punctuality, health and safety, risk assessing, customer service, communication, public speaking and first aid. We will be working in partnership with specialist organisations including Esteem to ensure optimum delivery of this scheme.



Horizon Watersports will be open to the public for both lessons and equipment hire. All tuition will be done in English. All Apprentices will work within the framework of a highly experienced, qualified team of instructors. The centre in 2015 will be a small operation, the foundation of a slowly expanding business plan. In 2016 we will offer our services to other experienced and enthusiastic watersports professionals looking to open and manage their own centres. Horizon Watersports will then slowly expand, encouraging watersports entrepreneurs to realise their potential (and always employing Apprentice Instructors).



We are passionate about what we do, passionate about delivering a positive watersports experience to anyone and everyone! We truly do put our hearts and soles into making watersports a rewarding experience for all involved. We enjoy our jobs and the enjoyment that comes from doing our jobs to the highest possible standard.  We want to ensure that everyone enjoys playing afloat, or teaching afloat,  as much as we do.

In addition to public lessons and equipment hire:

We will run FREE Community Splash Days for local residents to enable local children and adults to enjoy active lifestyles in their stunning coastal surroundings. We will run FREE Young at Heart Days to encourage over 50's to get afloat and enjoy watersports.

We really do have something for everyone, all ages and all abilities are very welcome.


 " Hi, I'm Caroline, although most people call me Maz. I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe 15 years ago and have been Maz ever since! I'm very excited to be able to say that this is my project!

The idea has been growing in my mind for many years and it's great to start putting my plans in to place. My own experiences of working and living in teams, overseas, has been a fantastic platform on which I have moulded my lifestyle and my character. My confidence and independence have grown dramatically through my work overseas. I have always wanted to open my own watersports centre and to be able to provide these life changing experiences to other people, in particular those that are most in need of a helping hand. It's not just frilly words and good intentions, anyone that has done a season working overseas will agree that it's a life moulding experience, a great opportunity and a hugely positive influence on a person's life.

I now believe I have all the skills and experience necessary to make a success of this idea and to spread the joy and the benefits that I have experienced, through watersports,  to others.

Please note that we don't get any of the funds unless our full target is reached. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me so far, in various ways, and in particular thanks to Georgie for making a great video."


If we are lucky enough to hit our £15,000 target, then we pledge to RAISE £15,000 FOR CHARITY. We want to ensure that our true appreciation for all pledges is recognised and we thought that this was the best way to do that. Our chosen charities will include water related organisations such as Sail4Cancer and the Ellen Macarthur Foundation.

 Join TUSHINGHAM, Hyde Sails and

Peter Hart in supporting Horizon !


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