Hoppy Families Nature Trail

Help more visitors to explore and experience the best this beautiful reserve has to offer with a fun and informative family nature trail.

We did it!

On 7th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £3,535 of £3,500 target with 75 supporters in 35 days

New stretch target

We're overfunding - your pledges still count!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our initial target! The Hoppy Families Nature Trail can now become a reality, but any additional pledges will help to make it even better!

Depending on the amount raised, we could:

- Upgrade waymarkers to include nature-themed brass rubbing plates

- Add extra interpretation boards to tell visitors even more about the nature reserve

- Get creative and install unusual things for explorers to find along the way!

Did you know?

This amazing place can be found right in the centre of Peterborough, but it’s easy to walk right past without even realising! Many local people pass the Boardwalks Local Nature Reserve every day – you can help them to discover this hidden gem for themselves!



Those who do venture into the reserve often miss seeing the most beautiful spots, as the paths split off in all directions. Following the nature trail, people of all ages will be able to confidently navigate this maze, to find tranquil ponds, peaceful meadows and even a few giant trees – it’s a great (free!) place to relax at any time of day!




What’s the plan?

Explorers of the ‘Hoppy Families’ nature trail will be guided by 5 interpretation boards and 10 way-marker posts (example below), incorporating handy information and nature-inspired designs. All the money raised will be used to buy and install these features.



The walk will also be enhanced by downloadable resources, designed by us, here at Froglife, based on our many years of experience in hands-on outdoor education and habitat work. Resources will include fun activity sheets, information about the wildlife living in the ponds, and ideas for creating art from nature.



Why now?

Froglife took over management of the habitats at Boardwalks a year ago, and our River Nene Dragon Finder team have recently completed restoration works there, including the creation of several new ponds. Now’s the time to show off all the best bits of this fantastic, freely accessible greenspace!



Sounds great! What do I need to do?

Put simply:

  • Make a pledge (using the big blue button at the top)
  • Tell other people about it!


If you pledge you’ll get a great big thank you from us, but you can also choose a reward for your contribution – take a look at the side of the screen! These rewards will be sent to you as soon as we can after the campaign has ended successfully.


Sharing the ‘#HoppyFamilies’ campaign with people you know will help the project to become a reality – this can only happen if the target is reached as the funding is all-or-nothing!


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