Hoopoe Electric-Together We Go Green

Hoopoe Electric-Together We Go Green

At Hoopoe Electric we aim to lead UK's transition to Zero Tailpipe Emissions in the Private Car Hire Industry.

We did it!

On 4th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £70 with 2 supporters in 56 days




As we start addressing the challenges of the 21st century the reality of climate change is becoming clearer all across the globe. This is largely the result of high carbon emissions disturbing the balance between the earth’s system and atmosphere. We  are now at the inflection point where we need to make a conscious effort to control climate change. Electric cars offer the prefect choice to significantly reduce carbon emissions from surface transport and improve air quality. We at Hoopoe Electric believe in zero tailpipe emissions for all cars and aim to revolutionize the private car hire industry by being among the first to adopt 100% electric vehicles. This is in line with the Go Ultra Low initiative ,in UK and Cities 40 promise to improve the quality of air in London.

We have started out with creating a best in class green fleet, made up solely of Tesla Model S, which has a range of 230-250 Miles/Charge and is thus ideally suited for use as a private hire/chauffeur car.  The car is also the worlds safest car and comes with autopilot capabilities designed to make  highway driving safer.

Our business model is simple: although the cars are expensive to begin with, we are offering very reasonable and competitive pricing,  owing to zero fuel costs.  Thus our service is an attractive option for a broad range of customers including Executive, Business, Luxury and  retail customers .

The team is using lean methodology and automated dispatch system to keep  costs low. We are a socially conscious organization and an equal opportunity employer. We are encouraging those above the age of 50 yrs / those who re trying to get back into employment to apply to us. Most of our current chauffeurs are ex police/ defence/ hoteliers / bankers who are committed to this cause.

As a business strategy, we are also partnering with some of the major aggregators in the market, to ensure we embed our service in the mainstream business. The current list of partners include:

  1. CityFleet
  2. Cabfind
  3. Groundscope
  4. Minicabit
  5. Karhoo (integration testing in progress)
  6. Cartrawler
  7. Holiday Taxi
  8. Mozio

We have received exceptional response based on the both the quality of service and the efficiency of the cars.  Customer experience is also being accessed by repeat customers, and the current count stands at over 80% repeat buys.

Given the exceptional feedback, and high demand. we are looking to scale up our current operations rapidly to 25 cars. Furthermore, we have an in principle agreements with a leading Airline and market Leading cab/chauffeur service aggregator.

We are seeking 20% Deposit Capital for these  25 Cars:

Make- Tesla Model S

Cost / Car = 60,000 GBP

Deposit/Car=12,000 GBP

Total Deposit Needed= 300,000 GBP

Overall we aim to create a  Global Case study for swift delployment of 100% Electric , Green cars, in public surface transport .

We are seeking support for this campaign from:

1. Individuals who believe that  Climate Change this is the single most important challenge that faces our generation and want to help to address this issue. The reward can we claimed against your travel and a meaningful contribution from your end to the cause.

2. Corporates who want to offset their carbon footprint and want to help tackle the issue of  Climate Change head on,  and be a part of a leading initiative in UK. Leaders and Travel managers could contribute via the Corporate Travel Budget to contribute and the rewards to be offset against  discounted prices. 

We dream of a Cleaner and Greener London, where customers make a conscious choice to pick a Electric surface transport option at absolutely no additional cost.


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