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In the early hours Miri is woken up by Tamara with a single question; "Why can’t you touch me?" A psychological drama laced with body horror

by Cara Weatherley in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The relationship between the camera, our actors and their surroundings is an essential part of creating "4am" - a time of silence, stillness, and paranoia. With our new stretch target we will be able to hire a steadicam operator to give us the freedom to use our location to the fullest - with unrestricted movement around the house and the ability to adapt to our actors' spontaneous performances, hiring a steadicam operator will allow us to tell Miri and Tamara's story in the most effective way.

First stretch target
With a body horror comes the need for prosthetics, and we don't want to shy away from using them! Our new stretch target will allow us to buy all the silicone and specialist materials that will be used across four days of filming on both our actresses and give our make up artists the freedom to make the prosthetics as detailed and believable as possible for the camera.

Prosthetics moodboard

Not only that, any additional funds raised will be kept aside until we complete the film to be spent on entry fees into British and international film festivals. After being publically screened at the BFI in July 'Hookworm' will go on a two year film festival circuit. With the average cost of submitting a short film being £22 per festival, any extra money to help us get 'Hookworm' seen is greatly appreciated!

4 months ago Tamara was involved in an accident that has left her with a large, nasty scar. Although healed, Tamara suspects Miri now sees her as tarnished. When confronted with her unwillingness to become intimate again, Miri opens up about her desire to understand the pain her partner went through.

Desperate to bring balance back into their relationship Miri proposes an extreme solution; she needs a scar of her own.

is being produced with great emphasis on precision filmmaking; Tamara and Miri will be the sole focus of the film and as such will carry its pace and energy from beginning to end. Camera movement and production design will all be influenced by the mood and story of the characters. With a close environment and two leads, we hope to achieve a restrained, emotive film that contrasts the domesticity of a relationship with the fear and romanticism of a “broken body”.

                                          Concept, cinematography and production design moodboard

We already have 25% of our budget secured, and the team are working hard to fundraise more money behind the scenes, however to give each department the support they need to fulfil their visions for the film we need outside support. With your financial backing we can meet productions costs for the following;

  • Cast fees and accommodation
  • Costume and make up
  • Location hire and set dressing
  • Transport and food for the cast and crew
  • Hire of specialist equipment

It's not just financial help we need help with - we need to spread the word! Whether by mouth or showing your support by joining us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram and commenting on and sharing our posts, interest in our project will help us get Hookworm off the ground! 

Get involved! Post, tweet, let us know you're there! We love sharing what we do, and we'd love to talk to anyone who's interested in what we're doing. 


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