Shelters and Communities for the Most Vulnerable

We are working with a number of organisations around the UK and Europe, helping the most vulnerable by providing Shelters and Communities.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

There is a growing number of vulnerable people that still do not have adequate secure warm environments to stay in.

We are working with both Emmaus and Toni Brodelle and helping to resolve this problem.


Toni Brodelle:

Our initiative:

The funding raised will be used to support the most vulnerable by providing them with substantial versatile sustainable modular building facilities - suitable for all year round use.

These buildings will be used to provide:

* "Warm and Secure" communities; providing well lit and heated environments. All of facilities can be relocated.

Each building facility will be provided with efficient renewable energy solutions, meaning they will be "self sufficient" in renewable energy.

Click on this link to see an example of one of just ne of the small buildings units that would be used to support this initiative: 3D Model of ProCrit AURA Expanding Building

* The buildings are versatile - 

   - They can be easily be adapted to serve as Community Kitchens, warm Community areas and Temporary secure and warm sleeping areas -  for the most vulnerable.

* The buildings are not be reliant on fossil fuels to run them and are also low maintenance.

* If needed, they can also be easily moved to another location to help support a new crisis.

The funding raised will help enable the start of delivering buildings to support the most vulnerable into areas identified by Emmaus and Toni Brodelle. 

 Can we please depend on your help to support this cause, helping the most vulnerable?