To replace stolen guitar as it is his only income as he doesn't claim government handouts or beg. Any extra cash will be spent on rehousing

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


A good peace loving homeless man named Rich was attacked and robbed by gang of drunken drugged up low lives. They knocked two of his teeth out and stole his guitar. The guitar is his livelihood. He doesn't claim any benefits and never begs. He's a kind hearted person who has had a really hard time and thought it was better and safer to sleep rough on the streets. He lost everything through no fault of his own and now this unprovoked attack has really hurt him. His guitar was his only form of income. 

With the money collected it will go to getting a new guitar. If there's any extra it will go to helping him get off the street. I've told him to record some of his songs as he is a great song writer. If there's a bit extra I'll get him to record some of his music and whoever donates can have a copy sent to them.  Any donation is really appreciated but this could save a life.

This is a genuinely good person who has had such a crazy life through no fault of his own. If anyone deserves a break its this guy. The attack and robbery left him with 2 teeth missing and black eyes. He's not reported it to the police as its happened several times to him. We have to get together to help a soul who has lost his way as there was no light to help show the way. He lives in darkness with no help, no future, nothing but misery and pain. If you can help please do. Save a life.

He has tried various homeless shelters and council offices but because he has no income and doctor most will not help and he has had some bad experiences in these places and given up trying.  One council office actually said try a house share on gumtree.  He had about £4 in his pocket. 

The picture taken is about 8 days after the attack so the swelling has gone down and most of the bruising.

Remember I have seen this man give a child his last few pounds to get an ice cream because the other kids were taunting her that she didn't have one.  His story is a sad one.  Again I would love to raise the £200 but if i could get enough to help him get rented accomodation that would be amazing. thanks for reading.