4 individuals will be provided with washing facilities, hot food, a makeover then photoshoot. They will leave with a care package.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Homeless makeover 

To whom this may concern,

     Greetings. My name is Rae i must pre warn you its a lengthy intro but id like for you to really have an understanding of who i am and what i stand for!

I'm 28 and a Devoted mother who worked as a youth worker at St. Richards church in stechford Birmingham.

I spent time volunteering and successfully applying for funding for the youth club to provide a safe, educational and positive environment for the children and young people of the community. It was an area of social deprivation, crime and anti social behaviour.

An area in which I grew thus I was very passionate about promoting and instilling righteousness and moral into the young people. Giving them knowledge of self and compassion for their fellow human beings.

For the young people their deviant behaviour was 'having a laugh' they failed to see the impact it had on homeowners and small business  owners in the local area.

I delved within the media industry and found myself networking with photographers.

This was my calling!

I could capture imagery which reflects real life and aim to empower, educate and reach the young people through the power of media in a positve way.

With this I created prodigy photography.

Of course I was going to try make it a lucid business to support me and my family, but i wanted to really push out some positive messages of;

unity, love, community cohesion, natural beauty,empowerment, compassion, anti bias anti discriminatory anti maimstream media photography!

I want to be the chance i oh so crave to see in the world of media and social media. 

Ive learnt my trade and aquired my tools and with the support of the vicar where I previously worked as a youth worker, I created a photography studio within the church in a back room. Ive been practicing on friends and family and collaberstimg with tv personalitys, high profile artists and public figures to promote my buisness and the insentive behind it;

    'by the people for the people'

so now the lengthy introduction is out of the way lets get to it!!!


I propose to use my photography to take part in voluntary projects that promote anything good and positive and submit work to be published in online journels and local newspapers and magazines locally and internationally.

launch event:

 never judge a book by its cover 

Myself and a team of creatives will provide 2 males and 2 females the opportunity to spend the day at St.Richards church. we will transport them from Birmingham city centre to the church where they will be provided with facilities in which they can wash and be given clean clothes to which they can sit down and enjoy 3 courses of home made food. there will then be an hour of sitting down and getting to know the individuals and hearing their storys and struggles. This will be when the newspaper and the Made in birmingham team will come and interveiw  the team and our guests.

We will then have a hair stylist, nail tech and make up artist do their pampering and makeover.  we will then go into the photography studio and do a photoshoot.


With the made over people in there old and new clothes showing not only the transition but to show these are normal people like me and you. A perfectly groomed individual dressed in the clothes they came in, with the caption

   never judge a book by its cover!

The individuals will be provided with a care package to go back into the community with and images of themselfs in a hope to acheive some independence, self esteem and employability.

The newspaper article will call out for volunteers and as many small buisnesses as possible to give the individuals the opportunity to volunteer within there buisness. I will ideally have this as an on goimg project.

I have the support of the staff at Greggs in Parkgate Shirley and have recieved permission to take all the left over fresh food to the homeless of Birmingham (on going opportunity)  so the article will be calling for volunteers who can make that run as its something ive arranged but cant execute due to lack of transport.

thank you for taking the time to take a read and if you have any questions, suggestions or advice please dont hesitiate to email me directly on

many thanks yours sincerely

Rae ❤️