Homeless Hospitality

by frederic black in Dukinfield, England, United Kingdom

Homeless Hospitality
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Long-term hospitality for homeless of all ages. I aim to buy a piece of land, will be erecting a large marquee with voluntary cooked food.

by frederic black in Dukinfield, England, United Kingdom

As I was sat in the hospital for hours whilst my partner was in labour with my son, I noticed outside in the carpark, a group of men building a large marquee that spanned a whole section of the carpark. I sat and watched from the beginning them building the huge marquee wondering what it was for, I asked a man who was supervising the job. He said the staff was having a party the following day... I went back up to the room where my partner was and sat watching, imagining the possibilities until I had a thought... What if they used that huge marquee for homeless people. it was kind of upsetting to know that I would be taking my son home to a nice warm house but there are people out there sleeping through the cold wet nights with empty stomachs. I sat and thought about this for a long time and wondered how much one of them marquees would cost!  the idea kept springing up in my mind. A piece of land on which will be erected a huge marquee with cooking stations for hot meals, beverages and the possibility of hot water and a shave, haircut and freshen up! No better feeling than feeling fresh. I see this as a great cause and would enjoy helping out so many people! this will even be a place for learning and education, mental health and well being, positive mindset, Connecting with family and making friends, keeping off the main streets and city centres and becoming a better person with a positive frame of mind! 

if 120,000 people funded £1, The target would be reached! It's that easy! Donate that spare pound and share the cause with your friends and family and we can make it a success! Feel free to volunteer with the cause too if you're local to Tameside! the more help the better.  Thank you for taking the time to read 

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