Provide equipment for Doc@Home service to manage heart and other medical conditions both short term and long term when not available in NHS

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On 31st May 2017 we successfully raised £750 with 8 supporters in 56 days

Purchase Doc@Home equipment and I can manage heart conditions and related co-morbidities in both short term and long term conditions not available in NHS. Hospital admission can be avoided in some cases and early discharge home (second table) with all the benefits of being out of hospital. Hear it directly from Mr. Orr in the short video.

It does not have to be for you, so consider a relative, friend or neighbour. I have extensive cardiology experience as a consultant with a broad background both in the NHS private sector. My experience in developing cardiology services at several hospitals in the UK  has enabled me to design novel services . Here are examples of my first 42 cases of telemedicine withDoc@Home. I have now managed 100 patients with Doc@Home, with a few returning more than once to ask for more monitoring (see testimonials at http://www.privatecardiologyservices.co.uk/testimonials-5  and 1-12).

My longterm aim is to make the service available to all suitable patients accoss the UK.  The duration of monitoring varies according to need as shown in the table with the average and minimum and maximum number of weeks (range)  shown for different conditions. For example in the table below angina was controlled by altering medication in a 3 week period and controlling blood pressure over a longer period. Palpitation diagnosed in a week with explanation, reassures patients.

The embedded questions will be tailored to suit each individual and can be altered at any time to meet changes in circumstances and medications. You can for example record palpitations, chest pain, breathlessness, swelling, exercise ability and more on how you are, with questions set for each area relevant to your conditions.

The Doc@Home hub is portable and communicates with the Docobo website using an O2 mobile chip in the base unit, so it can easily be taken to work or abroad on business or holiday. The Careportal has wifi connectivity and Skype facilities.

Dr. Forbat can access results and records 24 hours on his iPhone.  He can monitor your progress, receive alerts and send messages from anywhere using this secure website.

Each unit costs over £1500.00  and additional costs for oxygen probe and BP  monitor. The fee for the service  is £500.00/week. If I raise £250,000.00 I can afford to monitor up to 100 patients for a week, or a smaller number for longer periods.

Ask for a letter from the doctor detailing your medical condition, including relevant past history and e-mail it to Dr. Forbat at lance.forbat@privatecardirvices.com. Dr. Forbat will advise if his telemedicine service is appropriate and he will offer an appointment.

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