!! Donations required Help feed the Homeless !!

by Jaclyn Robinson in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

!! Donations required Help feed the Homeless !!


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To buy a fully equipped food van to bring warm food the homeless of Glasgow, Paisley and surrounding areas.

by Jaclyn Robinson in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

In my current role as an emergency services call handler I have always been shocked and angry by the amount of calls received complaining about homeless people. 

Not complaints of aggression or complaints and things that were happening .... 

complaints about them being there, on the streets, as if it’s the life they have chose and enjoy! 

People are well aware that homelessness is an issue but get annoyed or offended when they are faced with the evidence of it in their day to day life. 

Rather than helping, they complain, because apparently “people don’t want to see that when they are walking down the street”. (Actual quote) 

After making my feelings clear on that attitude, I would normally spend the rest of my day annoyed and upset by the attitude and ignorance towards the most vulnerable of our society. But, it dawned on me. What use is it me, sitting in my warm office all annoyed? How is that helping anyone? 

So, here we are today. I’ve managed to secure a deal to buy a fully equipped food truck and my plan is to bring warm food and a hot drink. I will also be providing warm clothing(hats, scarves and gloves) that i’ve been gathering over the past few weeks. It’s nothing ground breaking and it’s not going to end homelessness but it’s my way of helping and it’s a start. 

At this moment in time there are over 5000 homeless people in Glasgow alone. 

If I can reach some of them to ensure they have a warm meal in their stomachs all the time and effort will be worth it. 

Please note - registered charity membership pending ***

Let's make '!! Donations required Help feed the Homeless !!' happen