Our goal is to build a much needed Care Home For The Elderly in a rural area of Scotland. Please help us to help our elderly community.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Care Home Project  research/ due-diligence/ facts & feasibility

Our aging population has caused a great demand for adult social care, rural areas like ours in Dumfriesshire especially have challenges. By 2020 Dumfries and Galloway will have the oldest % of population in Scotland, we also have the highest percentage of individuals diagnosed with dementia, these figures have doubled in the last decade.  Sadly the current lack of facilities causes stress for many family members who want to see relatives or friends settled in a good care home in their own community. Unfortunately, due to the lack of choice people are required to spend their final years separated from family and friends in order to get the care they need. Couples who have spent decades together separated against their wishes, some homes cannot accomodate couples in the same room, some refuse to take pets.

All these factors have an impact on our health and wellbeing . Our elderly population deserve better we all age eventually and we all want to be treated with dignity, kindness, privacy, respect and make informed choices of our own. 

I am appealing to the the public to help us raise the funds to build this much needed care home in the rural location of Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway. We are not a huge corporation with existing homes and support from major banks or lending institutions, but we are caring people and have the experience, knowledge, qualifications and business acumen to provide the best possible care to our residents.

Recently we had discussions with local Doctors, Social Workers, Community Council, other Healthcare Providers and residents, all of whom endorse the need for the Care Home in this community.

Currently if a local resident needs to be admitted to a care home sometimes they have no option but to leave the area to obtain care. I am sure we can all appreciate the heartbreak this causes, especially when it could be avoided if a Care Home locally was available to provide the level of care needed. 

We all hear of disgraceful instances of elderly people being neglected as quality of care declines. As a Registered Nurse I too am appalled by this . For these reasons and more we have decided to form this crowdfunding page to help finance the building of Home From Home, a great community asset providing a valuable lifeline where seniors can feel safe, receive care kindness and comfort.

Care Home Project description

We have found two sites locally that appear suitable.

The first site is ideal for new construction purpose built single storey care home situated on a vacant plot where the former Boy Scout and Girl Guides Club used to stand. The first set of architect drawings have been prepared for preliminary planning consent. This new purpose built home will comfortably accommodate a maximum of 12 residents, comprising of 10 bedrooms 2 with double occupancy for couples, all rooms will have en suite facilities. 

The above illustrations  indicate how the proposed home will look  in the  pretty village of Thornhill. A popular area in the Nithsdale valley close to Drumlanrig Castle, and many other historical places of interest.

The second site also inThornhill would involve the conversion of a grade B listed substantial stone built Primary School circa 1909. Many of the older local community may have been former pupils. The School if left in its present condition may eventually be demolished. The building is of historical interest and it can be saved and put to good use again this time for our elderly. One advantage of using this beautiful school, is the extra square footage would enable Home From Home to provide elderly day care/ respite in addition to providing long-term residential, memory and nursing care. Below is a photograph of the school that we could convert keeping original external features and customising the interior to meet its new use.

 Whichever of the two sites lends itself best to the project will be selected. Both sites are convenient locations for Dr appointments and other medical services, including hospitals. Public transport, church and local amenities in the village all easy accessible.

Residents at Home From Home will have a homely spacious lounge, a stimulating activity room, pleasant dining  room, commercial style kitchen. We propose a large open plan design to enhance visability and create a warm friendly environment. Every effort in the floorplan will be made to decrease disorientation and provide a thriving healthy senior community. Outside residents can view and enjoy access to attractive landscaped gardens, raised flower beds and a patio area. 

Care Home Project: Reasons why this care home is different?

We feel it is important that our crowdfunding supporters understand and know they are contributing to the way care homes are designed and managed today, a change much needed and long overdue for the better of our seniors and baby boomers out there. 

Home From Home will be different to most existing care homes. The design and care approach is know as the " Green House Project" which evolved several years ago in the USA. We are fortunate to have experience in building and managing these types of homes in the US, they are extremely beneficial to seniors. They are quickly gaining popularity here in the UK. The visionary forward thinking and innovative approach is to de institutionalise long term care by providing a homely atmosphere, custom built or converted to meet the needs of our senior residents.But it's not just the architecture and floorplan of the premises it offers so much more in the actual way the home is managed. 

Home From Home will be a smaller residence from our experience 12 residents maximum is the correct balance. This benefits the residents, staff can provide more one on one individual attention. Residents can make new friends promoting a social community spirit. Psychologically there is less disorientation, no confusing corridors, familiar staff faces. Our smaller group of residents will help reduce risk of infections and exposure to illness, which enhances healthy wellbeing and a longer life.

New residents will be encouraged to visit prior to moving in and talk with other residents and families. We encourage residents to bring familiar items to personalise their rooms making them feel comfortable in their new surroundings. 

Each residents medical and physical needs will be given priority in addition to holistic and emotional wellbeing. Children will be encouraged to visit bringing in the elements of normal family life and we will be pet friendly. 

Home From Home will provide 24/7 care from Registered Nurses and highly trained care staff. 


We aim to provide quality of care in a rural setting and eliminate feelings of loneliness, helplessness, depression and boredom. Promote privacy, dignity, independence, choice and respect, these are the foundations of Home From Home.

Please help us to help our seniors and bring employment opportunities into this rural community. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.