Home for homeless/abused/recovering/in need people

by David Humfrey in Solihull, England, United Kingdom

Home for homeless/abused/recovering/in need people
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To purchase, renovate and equip property to provide emergency accommodation for vulnerable people at risk of or already facing homelessness.

by David Humfrey in Solihull, England, United Kingdom

The aim of this project is to raise enough funds to be able to purchase, renovate and equip  property that will provide emergency accommodation for vulnerable people at risk of or already facing homelessness in and around the Solihull and Birmingham area.

The funds will be used firstly to purchase a property large enough to be able to convert living and reception rooms into bedrooms with en suite bathrooms , the renovation of the property and building materials to create the bedrooms and communal kitchen areas, cost of services from solicitors, building inspectors, architects, planning and local council.

Once the project is up and running and all costs have been covered, all donations can be applied to be refunded (please keep evidence of donations if this is the case) or if preferred all profits will be put towards the purchase of more properties for the same purpose, meaning we will be able to provide support to specific needs such as victims of abuse.

Requests for the re-use of funds will be accepted and we will try to provide support for the most requested groups.

Ideally we would like to be able to provide safe and secure housing for anyone who is facing homelessness due to relationship breakdown, abuse, mental health issues, addiction, release from prison, returning to civilian life after leaving the armed forces or leaving hospitals or hospices, and provide support for those in need or provide a base where charities and community services and groups can contact people and give help to those in need.

Let's make 'Home for homeless/abused/recovering/in need people' happen