Little Hearts

To address the needs and vulnerabilities of people affected by migration and provide benefits for asylum seekers and refugees.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a group of 7 students studying at KU-Leuven. we are organizinig an event at Red Cross Alsemberg in Belgium. We will spend a day with asylum seekers and refugees and let them have fun. We would like it if you guys would help us raise money for charity and buy the neccesary materials for the event. We would also like to create awareness by shedding some light into this matter by sharing this on social media. You guys could help us make it public. 1 sterling pound can make a difference as well as sharing it with all of your friends to create awarness. We would like to provide the refugees with the chance to a normal life where they have the same rights as us. Put yourself in their shoes and help us raise money to be able to provide them with the benefits that you get as well.