Home Efficiency Surveying with Drones

by Mark Cockrill in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Home Efficiency Surveying with Drones


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Using technology locally to help tackle climate change to show peoples homes efficiency via heat loss

by Mark Cockrill in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Seatography Ltd is not just a media visuals organisation, we stand by climate change and want to help tackle this closer to home - actually with your home as the starting point.

With the use of drones equipped with infra-red cameras, we can complete a survey on residencies and highlight the importance of making homes as energy efficient as possible. We all hear about it on the TV, Seatography wants to be able to deliver these visuals to the home owner and prove they can do their bit to help. Initially rolling this out in the Southampton area, we hope to be able to make this more regional and even national.

Let's make 'Home Efficiency Surveying with Drones' happen

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