Home Buyers Manchester

Home Buyers Manchester

My aim is to buy propertys and flip them, also buying to rent, and house's with multiple occupants.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Gavin Bateman - Business plan

I am 37 years old, I work full time offshore on a 2 weeks on 4 weeks off Rota as rigging supervisor, I am looking to become a full time property investor. I currently own my own home in Spain, married with 2 kids aged 3 & 6. I also own one BTL in Portsmouth producing £850pm that covers all mortgage & bills and need 3k per month to go full-time in property.

 I do not have any current funds but have equity in the BTL & tied up in a pension, getting mortgages will be hard due to living aboard & no fixed position contract with work. I have attended the 4-day property protégé and am now part of the 12-month mentorship, and listen to the property podcast each week.

After attending the 4-day property protégé, I decided the strategy would be to focus solely on generating cash flow with the goal of becoming a full-time investor. I am going to focus on packaging deals & buy to flip properties while a bonus would be to add 1 property to my own portfolio for a retirement strategy.

The criteria that I choose to follow, is buying properties in my goldmine area which values of 85k for a 2 – 3 bedroom house/flat in walk in condition. The goal is to buy, add value & refinance after 6 months, pulling out all of my money or have all of my money out of the deal from the 24 months cash flow generated from renting the property. Based on current market conditions I am happy to consider doing deals that work at refinancing at 80% LTV & while I build my skill set & experience, particularly with negotiating which will enable me to look for the bigger discounts.

My lead generation strategy is going to be based mainly on building relationships with the key estate agents in my goldmine area as well as attending networking events to build my power team & meet other property source’s. I will be putting word out to all of my friends & family to let them know I am involved in property with the goal to potentially raise finance & do joint ventures as well as potentially earning commission on promoting ALG services for extra income. I will also educate friends and family members about investing in property and use them both as potential buyers for investment properties he sources. I will outsource my website to someone that will build a site that positions me as a local expert as well as a lead generation website targeting sellers. This will take up 2k of the budget.


  • Buy & flip 3 properties earning a minimum of £15k profit from each, totaling £30k.
  • Package 1 deal per month generating £2k per deal, totaling 24k.
  • Add 1 property to my portfolio based on set criteria.

I know that it wont be easy & I have a lot to learn & must stretch my comfort zone. I am not normally the type of person to chat on the phone or to attend networking events but know both are essential for the strategy in building relationships with key people.

I will be strict upon myself with my time by both delegating tasks & managing myself. I know nothing about lead generation, letting property, renovations, taxation, accounting etc. So will outsource all of it to the professionals.

I work a rotation of 2 weeks offshore & 4 weeks at home, I will visit my goldmine area at least 1 week per month of viewing at least 15 – 20 properties building a strong relationship with the agents and other key folk. Improving my negotiation skills & relationship is key.


Wake up at 07:00 and do affirmations & visualizations for 10 minutes to kick start the day, followed by going over my war plan on how I am going to achieve my daily goal. Personal development will be listening to this week in property & better business show podcast. I understand that personal development is huge but is committing, also reading books, which are affiliated with the above.

I will dedicate1 hour per day researching my goldmine area and to find deals on right move, along with emails phone calls & admin work. This time is from 09:00 – 11:00 in the morning once the kids have gone to school so the house is quiet. I will also dedicate 1 hour per day on any admin work & social media that needs to be attend from 15:00 – 16:00.

I will also make a conscious effort to be more social on both LinkedIn & Facebook to put out some content about property while being aware of how I am perceived by those who are watching. I will follow the golden rule of sharing when inspired, & will paint a picture to my friends & family & followers, showing new direction.

I will continue to do my affirmations in the evening before going to bed & spend 15 minutes each night to set a daily goal that will help achieve the big weekly goal & will plan the actions required to achieve the daily goal.

Time spent on social media each day writing an article or post & building relationships, as well as going on to the property protégé private page to check in for updates – 20 minutes per day.

Weekends will be spent with family, however I will dedicate 1 hour per day looking at sites for researching the Gold mine area, & submit weekly report at 17:00 every Sunday evening.


Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 11:00 researching my goldmine area closing any loose ends. From 15:00 – 16:00 answering emails working on priorities.

Total – 15 hours

I will dedicate 3 days in every 6 weeks before joining the vessel for viewings, appointments and looking around my goldmine area (I will fly on the Sunday, begin on the Monday for 8hrs work & fly again on the Wednesday evening for joining the vessel on the Thursday, this of course is subject to change. If required I will also fly via my goldmine area on my return home.

Total – 24 hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 18:00 – 19:00 with the kids for there after school activities.

Total – 4 hours

Wednesday - family evening with the kids, also on the weekend.

Total time spent on property business 39 hours

My main focus at this stage is solely on building relationships to raise more capital, meeting potential joint venture partners, building up relationships with key folk in my power team, networking, assessing deal, negotiating with agents & potential sellers, building relationships with agents, and bring everything together as a business.


  1. Investigate more ways to raise capital
  2. Meet & discuss possibility of joint venture with key people
  3. Work closely with the media team to provide info required each week
  4. Attend networking events
  5. Build property power team
  6. Learn more about negotiation
  7. View as many properties as possible in the space of 3 months
  8. Make offers on at least half of the viewed properties
  9. Learn how to package deal
  10. Study & master goldmine area
  11. Build my own investor database
  12. Build my own relationship database e.g. phone line, web site, agents
  13. Build social media brand on LinkedIn & Facebook
  14. Promote ALG services to earn commission
  15. Actively look at ways to expand comfort zone.

Anything not noted above will be outsourced completely. After listing the top priorities that I have focused on, I will go to war over the three months doing only what has been planned. I understand that things change and even the best made plans can still have issues; challenges or problems & that failure will be part of the leaning process. However, a plan and focus is better than no plan & nothing to focus on. I also know that I must stay committed & focused and make short term sacrifices for the next 3 months in order to become a fulltime investor & leave my job offshore. This would free up 50+ hours to focus on property business and ultimately by sacrificing his time for the next 3 months.