Home building Project

by Roisin Vulliamy in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Home building Project


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I do not want luxury. I just want a home for my family.

by Roisin Vulliamy in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

I was put into temp accommodation which costs nearly a thousand pounds a month and then told my chance of getting a proper house were extremely slim. The prospect of staying here is daunting and I am struggling financially. I have been to hell and back trying to get another home, moving into a rat infested place and having to trudge back and living isn't easy. I just want someplace I can call home. As you see my daughter is a happy child and I want the best for her. I want to raise enough funds to leave. I will consider moving to a house where I can work to provide a roof over both our heads, a project like a community project for people like us in our situation where everyone wants to work together, a co operative for example, a place that is in need of some restoration with funds available to do up, a farm house dwelling or cottage which needs inhabiting before it goes to ruin,an apartment here there or anywhere you don't use or call a second home, all contributions and any ideas welcome.

 Why pay hand over fist for something like this in the first place? They say because of overcrowding and a housing shortage but this rent is higher than average for someone on a decent wage! They have dug me my own grave! Please help. At the least, I need to pay a whole months notice here too. If you can pledge that I Would be eternally grateful. Anything in fact. Thank you 

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