Holy Thursday

by nmorganuk in Norfolk

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A Western influenced short film about a paperboy, a crook and a widower, set in the flatlands of Norfolk, England.

by nmorganuk in Norfolk

Holy Thursday is a Western influenced coming of age tale told in the form of a short film, about a paperboy, a crook and a widower, set in the flatlands of Norfolk, England. 





So, what's all this then?


A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” - Greek Proverb. 


We’re a group of up and coming filmmakers who have recently been selected for funding and mentorship by Creative England’s iShorts scheme. We’re well underway to making our ambitious yet achievable vision for the film come to life, but need a bit of help to finish the job. 

I’ve always been interested in telling a story about the point in a persons life that defines them and determines who they become. Building from personal experience I found a perfect setting for this story, in the strange and otherworldly atmosphere of a dawn-time paper-round through in the flatlands of Norfolk and Lincolnshire; an incredibly cinematic British landscape I feel is pretty much untapped.  

 - Moin Hussain (Writer and Director) 


What's it about? 

‘Holy Thursday’ is a short film about Jack, a 15 year old paperboy, who after recently being made redundant is on the last day of his round. The same morning he’ll meet two very different men, who both offer Jack very different work propositions, the outcome of which could determine the direction of the rest of his life. 

The film looks at the lives of marginalised people in rural areas, as well as asking who can be held accountable for the impossible decisions young people are being forced to make in days of massive societal inequality.

Some the films influences involve Westerns, social realism, folktales and parables along with the coming of age film. Visually, we’re hoping to tell the story in a visceral, immediate and earthy way, illuminating it in golden and indigo shades of dawn. 





We’ll be shooting on location in Lincolnshire in July, as part of a four day shoot. We’re heavily into pre-production, approaching our final draft of the script, while putting the finishing touches to our amazing crew. 


Who are you?


Moin Hussain // Writer & Director

Since studying Cinema and Photography at the University of Leeds and being selected by the Directors Guild of the UK to take part in a training scheme for new talent, Moin has gone on to direct a number of music videos and online commercials and promo’s.


Neil Morgan // Producer 

Originally coming form a music background, Neil began working in the industry through producing and directing music videos. After working in various areas such as corporate videos, interviews and TV; Neil has been learning the film trade from working on feature film sets as an Assistant Director.


Ian Forbes // DOP 


Ian Forbes is a Bafta nominated Director of Photography, who has just graduated from the National Film and Television School. His work can be found here - www.ianforbes.co.uk


Jakwob // Composer 

Commercial dance music producer and DJ Jakwob, born James Edward Jacob has been at the forefront of the UK electronic music scene for the past five years. Since rising to prominence through remixes for a number of high profile artists including Lana Del Ray & Ellie Goulding, Jakwob has focused on his own original material. In 2013 he released 'Fade' which reached the top ten of the UK Dance chart. He is now exploring his interests in film composition.  


Other confirmed crew members include:

Production Designer - Rory Hutchinson, Editor - Dane Cross

1st AD - Ash Price, Casting Director - Jonny Boutwood 


Well, what do you need me for?

Due to our location shoot, a large sum of our budget travelling and accommodating our relatively large crew and cast. While the initial funding from Creative England is a brilliant start, it simply isn’t enough to make the film. We’d need the money raised from this campaign to go towards. 


  • Equipment Hire: While we’ll be relying on a number of favours from kind kit houses, there will still be a substantial cost involved in securing the top-end industry quality gear we need, even with our reduced rates. 
  • Key locations and props: we have a number of specific props and locations that are vital to telling the story and come at a price. 
  • Feeding the cast and crew: With our whole team working on the project for the love of it, we’ll need to be feeding them wholesome and hot meals, to keep them going through the long shoot days!




We’re hoping to tell a story that raises questions, entertains and intrigues people. Your help and support is incredibly important into making it become a reality and will be eternally appreciated!

Please keep in touch. Even if you can't help by backing us, please follow or share on our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates, photo's and upcoming events (in fact please also do so if you are kind enough to back!).


Thank you very much for your time



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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£10 Reward

'THE EXPRESS' - Our deepest thanks and a digital copy of the shooting script.

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' THE JOURNAL' - A private screening link to the finished film (months before its release!) and the previous reward

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'THE MIRROR' - Limited run, hand printed T-shirt (design to follow shortly) and all of the previous rewards

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'THE ECHO' - Five hand processed and printed film stills from the set and a signed copy of the script from key cast and crew members, as well as all of the previous rewards

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£100 Reward

' THE GAZETTE' - A thank you on the closing credits (this comes up on IMDB!), as well as all of the previous rewards

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£250 Reward

'THE CHRONICLE' - A visit to the set, on location in Lincolnshire - where you can meet the cast, crew and be a part of the films production! As well as all of the previous rewards (travel not included)

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

'THE HERALD' - one off-reward for a one-off backer! ‘Paperboy’ a bronze sculpture kindly donated by artist Victoria Evans (Royal Academy exhibitor), from an edition of five, the piece is valued at £700. Also includes all of the previous rewards. Please go to Updates to view an image of 'Paperboy'

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