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https://www.slideshare.net/paulstuard1/hologram-market-236429407 I'm a entrepreneur with my team we made Hologram-Market

by Dan Viorel-Plic in Barking, England, United Kingdom


I am an entrepreneur Mutu Adrian with my team we develop Hologram Market a platform in the field of e-commerce.

You may be wondering how well care works and is it beneficial?

Our motto is simple

See where you want, buy where you want

How it works - Hologram Market -  ..

https://n6622.appbuild.io/#~ZGV2aWNlX3V1aWQ9d2V... the platform



The user takes care of the view according to the hologram mode -

He may ask for the following information

Product cost, technical details, product purchase.

Application will be connected to the payment system - online method, banking system, card, payment banking applications.


您可能想知道良好护理的效果如何? 我们的座右铭很简单 看到想要的地方,在想要的地方购买 工作原理-全息图市场-.. https://n6622.appbuild.io/#~ZGV2aWNlX3V1aWQ9d2V ...平台 https://imgur.com/a/5FCt7SX 用户根据全息图模式照顾视图- https://imgur.com/a/tNTUWAs 他可能会要求以下信息 产品成本,技术细节,产品购买。 应用程序将连接到支付系统-在线方法,银行系统,卡,支付银行应用程序
The device will be  install on  the home / office commercial space, with the software pre-installed .. being connected to the private network ..

The product will be available in two  variants for stores and the personal one

The one for the store will have the mention of the employee store

The device will have a display attached to it will be able to work the store employee who will be able to present all its details and the product..For example in a furniture store..the store employee will be able to present the customer in a bigger and faster way as in any another field

Companies can use this platform and 3d hologram projector at home / office /commercial shop..

The funds will will be use to build  and to launch on the market the Hologram-Market platform https://n6622.appbuild.io/#~ZGV2aWNlX3V1aWQ9d2V...


1-Hologram market platform




3-3d hologram projector-

Will be purchasing hardware parts for mini computer- video card, graphics processor for the mini computer.Servers for the Hologram Market

Also, the platfrom will be connected to payment systems - online method, banking system, card, payment bank applications.

With this platform you can save money for rent, magazine, logistics will be the main advantage constituted .... It will also be an advantage in free time the goods or the product will be distributed to the customer until more the disadvantage of a continuous arrange .. 

The Holograms Market will include tracking the areas of designation of beneficiaries: car manufacturers, industrial industry
Food, cosmetics industry.


Technology industry..phone phones laptops headphones. Games industry - games, music industry
Brands of glasses, processing equipment, jewelry, pharmaceutical industry .. home appliances - washing machines, stoves..etc
Retail companies can also promote and sell.
Real estate sales, presentation of spaces. Furniture companies .. construction material, interior design, etc.Hotel service, restaurantToy companiesSale of boats sale of yachts, private jets..chemical industry - .. book industry

Promoting holiday packages.

Creative advertising in this way with the help of celebrities.

The marketing industry will focus on this area ... with more effective promotion ...

Television and internet advertising companies will benefit from this platform


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Enterprise contract

Enterprise contract Signature:Mutu Adrian-Marin Art. 3. THE PRICE OF THE ENTERPRISE The price of the enterprise paid by the beneficiary will be paid in installments per share as follows: - ... 20 ..% of the total amount of Hologram -Market - ... 50 ..% of the market share and divident income This contract was concluded on _ 1-07-2020 ENTREPRENEUR, BENEFICIARY, SC ___Mutu Adrian-Marin_

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